After interviewing our colleagues Aurora Attanasio and Giusy Senzatela, we continue exploring the great world of women working in tech professions in Neomobile.

This month it’s Daniela Cecchinelli’s turn, who is our App Development Sr Manager and shares her rich experience in the tech & digital world, talking about the Agile methodology and the very first Hackathon hosted by Neomobile.

Check it out!

What were your earliest interactions with technology?

I have always had a passion for logic, since elementary school.

It really fueled when I was 11 years old and I saw a Commodore 64 for the first time in my life: at that precise moment I understood that I really wanted to know all about computers and their interactions: I am not interested in their electronic mechanisms, I definitely prefer their mutual connections, so the pure logic and informatics.

I attended a technical high school for informatics, and after that I chose Informatics’ Engineering at University (La Sapienza, in Rome). At that time I didn’t even know what I wanted to be as “an adult”, I just followed my big passion.

What has been your study and career path and how did you end up at Neomobile?

After the university, I started working in a software solutions company, and after a while I had the chance to participate at a huge international project in Germany for Omnitel company (now Vodafone): we were about one hundred persons, and I stayed there for 9 months approximately (by the way, the project hasn’t been completed at all!). So, I focused my career on Mobile Entertainment and I worked in consulting firms, always in touch with carriers.

Actually I have an awkward career path: despite I really wanted to be a programmer, I have always worked in companies and project where they needed my analysis competencies, my ability to synthesize, always in touch with business and marketing representatives…definitely I became a project manager, a functional analyst.

After a short period in public administration and in a web agency, I ended up in Neomobile because I applied for a generic position. I did the job interviews, and here I am.

How would you describe your role in tech? What’s your favorite part of it?

In Neomobile I am in the Technology team and I’m in charge of Application Development.

In general, my job in Neomobile is very challenging because I manage a lot of new technologies and solutions, and I love working in a young and dynamic company such as Neo, always in the front line of innovation. It’s my perfect place to work: I don’t like routine activities, I am always out of my comfort zone, following new trends and scouting new perspectives at events, conferences, training sessions…I never stop learning.

Agile for dummies: how would you explain the Agile revolution in technology and in methodology?

As I said, I like learning new things and deepen many themes, so Agile methodology has been a natural consequence while studying and improving my knowledge in methodologies.

What I really love about Agile is its first principle: “individuals & interactions, over processes & tools”. Persons really count, team spirit is fundamental, as well as interactions between individuals. Agile is inspired by trust and mutual respect, far more important than tools. In fact, if I had to pick a word to describe Agile, I would go for “Persons”.  I also want to underline that despite basing on very simple beliefs, Agile requires discipline: it’s not anarchy, it’s a continuous balance between freedom and respect. They seem conficting ideas, but they are not.

Neomobile will host its first hackathon in the Roman HQ together with Codemotion (May, 16th and 17th), and you are one of the organizers. How to organize this type of event? What are the main challenges? What to expect?

First of all, considering my previous experience, the main challenge in organizing a hackathon is the choice of the theme: choosing our context, sensorial disabilities, has been very stimulant and interesting for everyone, and our brand new HQ and our open spaces are definitely perfect.

Give no bonds and limits to the participants and their ideas has been another important choice that we made, we will leave them developing and creating in freedom, and in addition the group forming will be set directly there, no need to come with an already formed group.

In the end it will be a super challenge for all, we expect Neomobilers to participate too! All welcome!

What would you suggest to a young woman who is interested in a tech career?

Let me add that this topic lies at my heart: I often opened threads about women&technology, I read reports about it, I checked all the updates…unfortunately I can say that globally the situation isn’t rosy. Both in Europe and United States, the number of girls studying in IT faculties is decreasing. I don’t know why, there are many factors such as the economic contingency or a sociological prejudice (sometimes the tech field may seem unappealing).

In addition, when I was a student at University was the only way to learn, deepen your studies, and cultivate your interests, because Internet didn’t exist. Now the knowledge can be just a click away, there are tutorials, online training courses, and so on. There are several sources of information that somehow scatter the approach to IT faculties.

In any case, I would suggest to follow the passion and start this incredible career path, with no barriers: every woman can succeed and take the most out of it.

Last but not least, pc would not exist without women, history taught us! In 1945/1950 the first programmers were women (the so-called “the ENIAC programmers”): they programmed the first digital computers, so we can consider that at that time IT world was women’s business…now it’s exactly the opposite!

Want to join Neomobile’s Hackathon? Here you can find all the information you may need! Furthermore, check our updates on Twitter (NeomobileJobs and Neomobile_Group)