The best way to highlight and communicate a company’s culture is through stories: they are the most human leading indicators of organizational health and effectiveness, often more than marketing stories. For this reason, Neomobile recently partnered with Austrian Whatchado

What is Whatchado?

Whatchado is a career orientation platform, a guide of life stories from the working world. Many young people and career changers find themselves not knowing where and how they should or can begin to integrate into certain areas of the working world, labor market and its various options, so it showcases companies and real-life job descriptions to help them orientating. Through the matching applicants receive suggestions as to suitable companies and employees, based on their profiles.

In general, taking part of this platform has 2 main benefits, one for the company itself and the other for the community:

  • the Company joins an innovative way to outreach the internal context and behaviors, a different point of view about its climate;
  • it has great social impact, a way to orientate undecided job seekers or young people

So, want to know more about life at Neomobile and our professionals? Check out our page!

In detail, you will find info about our Company, our benefits, our environment and 8 different video interviews with Neomobilers from Tech, Corporate Communication, Business and HR team; both in English, Spanish and Italian. Between emotion and proudness, since they spontaneously joined the project, each interviewee answered the same seven questions around their career path and current job.



Check out all of the videos on Neomobile’s Whatchado channel, and the backstage of the shooting:


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