Neomobile gets the award in the “2015 Premio Assiteca – welfare edition: best practices and successful cases”, a yearly event organized by Assiteca, one of the major insurance brokers in Italy, to focus on different topics and reward the related best companies in this country.

“A welfare program dedicated to the ‘Y Generation’, so the New Millennium work force, its main interlocutor. Neomobile has been able to adapt according to its employees and needs, working on the engagement even in the office, providing benefits such as the internal sporting club or relax, social and collaborative areas in the office”

This was the motivation behind Neomobile’s award in the Community category (the one voted by the network of companies linked to Assiteca), shared and communicated to the whole audience during the official ceremony held in Milan on December 1st. Competing with the other 2 finalists, FERALPI Siderurgica Spa and RHIAG Spa, our People Director Enrica Lipari went on stage to receive the award and showcase a little bit of Neomobile’s experience, talking about our benefit package and our unique way of life and work.

Flavia, Michele, Gianfranco and Enrica from our People Team
Foto Massimiliano Stucchi ©
Foto Massimiliano Stucchi ©

Definitely, this has been a great occasion where the attendants discussed about welfare aspects with prestigious guests and celebrated the best practices around Italy: Action Aid, Coop or TIM were just a few of the 8 awarded firms.

Proud to say…good job, Neomobile!