The Voice of Neo Winners Announced


This story begins a few months ago, when Neomobile creatively began dropping hints around its offices worldwide about a mysterious ‘Voice of Neo.’  Teasers were left everywhere leaving colleagues puzzled about what the Voice of Neo actually was. Was it a bird or a plane? Could it be a newspaper or a corporate radio station?


Over time, we received many interesting and unique guesses from all our offices around the globe trying desperately to figure out what the Voice of Neo could be.  We guess it was pretty difficult to find out what the Voice of Neo was, but the answer was very simple: the Voice of Neo was ONE OF THEM!

We were excited to announce our first contest at Neomobile

All Neomobilers were asked a simple question: Do you likeworking in Neomobile? Why not tell the world about it and become the Voice of Neo!All they had to do was write about a concrete personal work experience that showed why they felt Neomobile was a great place to work.

Reasons could vary from how well your colleagues listened to you to how respectful your boss was. Some wrote about the pride they felt while working in an innovative line of business, while others focused on how they felt inspired by the company’s values. The possibilities were endless. All they had to do was tell us why!

So you must be asking, what’s the catch…I mean prize…

The top 3 answers would be picked by a panel of judges and win exciting prizes that included an Amazon gift card, a new smartphone or a trip to some of the Neomobile offices worldwide!

The contest committee was supposed to choose their top 10 favorite from 48 company voices.

The decision was so difficult that Neomobile’s top management raised the bar to 15 finalists from which they would choose their 3 winners.


And after months of waiting, decisions were finally made and the Voice of Neo was chosen!


The 3 finalists were announced last December 20th 2013 during the Neomobile Christmas Party in Rome, Italy.


1st place – Pasqual Ferrari, Reus

2nd place – Francesco Racanati, Milan

3rd place – Juan Cuellar, Mexico City




Check out the winners’ Voices below. We hope they can be of inspiration for you as well!