Virtual Fair: when interviews are done through video chats


Neomobile, always focused on the technology innovation, will take part to the Virtual Fair on January 30th.

The event, organized by Borsa Del Placement, is a virtual meeting that let HR deparment of several companies to meet job applicants through video chat doing real interviews.

Virtual Fair is the only online career day where companies can meet graduated people in Italy, only connecting to the website and using a Skype account. Here is the timing to connect: from 10 am to 5 pm.

Also the selection process is hi-tech, from the selection of cv to the true interview:

  1. Each company can select targeted profiles for an interview or to have their cv.
  2. The most interesting applicants could be invited directly from the company to go to its own virtual stand.

If you think you are a technological person and you are looking for a job, go to the Borsa del Placement portal and book your interview with Neomobile’s HR team.

Mobile is the future and we give you the opportunity to be part of it!

So send us your cv and let’s meet online!