Neomobile’s Values and Vitamins: Individual Performance


Behind Neomobile’s uniqueness, there are assets and core values. That’s why we dedicate a monthly overview to our corporate values, hoping that many of our readers might get inspired by them.

After Passion, Respect and Good Management, this week our Values Vitamins series continues with Individual Performance.

Despite sometimes feeling like ‘one in a million’, especially in big companies, with the risk of starting to question personal effectiveness, every employee is undoubtedly ‘part of the chain.’ And no matter how small that part might seem, it is still an essential part: as our corporate value recites, “each employee can and must take on the challenge and make a difference.Every employee always brings something unique to the table.

Additionally, a bias towards self-efficacy often makes people think of this value as the opposite to team spirit, especially in a competitive work environment. But nothing could be more wrong. A job well done is a victory won, for yourself and also for the rest of the team.

Take a look at Neomobile’s 5 ways to enhance your individual performance.

This article is also available in Italian.

Neomobile Company Values Icons
Neomobile Company Values Icons

Self-analysis: personal capabilities

What are my strengths and weaknesses? What is the difference between my current and my desired performance? What do I need to improve or fill the gap?These are the questions whence to start. Once you answered these questions, it will be easier to manage the next steps and structure your possible career planning. Therefore, establish clear communication with your company and make sure you ask for the right methods to improve.

Create the perfect work environment

A work-friendly office can greatly influence your performance. Try to eliminate all the distracting factors. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues to keep the volume down and if necessary, book yourself a meeting room for a few hours in order to concentrate.

Which tools do I need to improve my performance?

Every human being needs breaks, especially at work. But too many breaks or distractions can impact your performance, especially if you have too many. Time is the most important variable in a company, so optimize your time in the office: schedule efficient meetings (like stand-up meetings), foster clear communication, track your path, and get informed about training session at your company: for example, time management courses are very popular – no one likes wasting time!

Stay in shape!

High concentration and intensive work schedules require a mental and physical effort. So make sure that you catch enough sleep and that you have a healthy diet (try these lunchtime tips!). Get involved with some sports activities or try some meditationafter work to clear your mind! The benefits are endless.

The entrepreneurial approach: go beyond your limits

The difference between individual performance and passion is the entrepreneurial approach: try to imagine your everyday work lifeas a small company, with revenues, costs, strategies etc. Own these activities and start loving them. Then, once you add passion to your job, sooner or later you will reach your best performance.

Try to set the right goals with your manager and by yourself, too (objectives should be both objective and subjective) and keep changing them. Ask for more challenging goals if necessary, and aim for your peak performance. In any case, go beyond your limits!

Ps. write down our goal-setting tip: aim high, so that even if you don’t reach your goal, your arrow will still fly far higher than your current level.

Finally, always turn to your team for support. Share your best practices and always ask for effective feedback. Your team’s support will surely lead to great individual performance.