T&T: How to make Halloween fun in your workplace in 5 moves


Halloween is one of the most popular and enjoyable holiday occasions to celebrate at work, and this year it also lands on a Friday!

Below, we got in touch with our know-it-all and we gathered a few ideas that will keep your scary holiday spirit alive: enjoy and have a little fun!

Decorate your desk and beyond

The first suggestion is the easy way. Get your surroundings in a Halloween mood: fake cobwebs, plastic spiders, pumpkins, balloons or other decors. You can find them online or at your local party store. On the other hand, if you have a DIY attitude even a plastic glass may turn into a scary ghost! Think creatively, and get inspired by this example or this alternative – avoid driving your co-workers crazy, so do not exaggerate.

Scary costume or photo contests

If your workplace allows costumes throughout the day, or if there is enough space to organize it properly, launch an easy costume contest, maybe in the afternoon: your colleagues can dress up without wasting precious time at work, just make sure to communicate the rules and the duration in advance, and coordinate with the HR team. Everyone should realize costumes have to remain appropriate. As an alternative, use one of those Halloween apps to play with photo contests: create your ‘scary’ gallery with one of these apps and share it on your social accounts!

Use Make-up!

No time for a full-on costume? No worries: a red lipstick, an eye-liner, and a bright blush are enough!

Try some zombie or vampire style make-up  (there are plenty of how-to makeup videos!) If possible, create a ‘scary beauty corner’ and hire a make-up artist. Get prepped for the party, it’s fun and easy!

Guess what…?

Think about a few basic and easy games like trivia or cool quiz: how many marzipan fingers are in a jar? Or guess that famous Halloween movie quote! Use your Intranet to make polls or use your internal social platform to engage employees. You can reward them with sweets or small presents.

Yummy Treats

Coordinate a social lunch or a themed aperitif with your team: challenge your colleagues with creative dishes and creepy drinks, or launch cooking contests (muffins, cupcakes, cakes or any type of sweets!). Get inspired by some easy recipes and share your sweets. It’s the best way to mingle with them. By the way, do not forget your “trick or treat” set…it’s not just for children!

In the end the message is clear: encourage these team-building events!

Do not stand and watch, be part of our company, check our open positions and show your experience! The next life of the Halloween party may be you!