Top Office Holiday Gifts: Tips & Tricks

Holiday Office Gifts

Keep Calm: Neomobile’s Gurus will guide you through the gift-giving season

The holiday season is approaching fast, and in many workplaces, Top Management or People Teams are organizing gift exchanges or holiday parties where colleagues can mingle and celebrate before going on vacation. But there’s always the big question: what should we get for our colleagues?

Whenever you’re organizing an event or purchasing items, remember that they need to be appropriate for the office, as well as useful and smart (almost everyone should be able to enjoy them!). No more old styled sweaters or the-first-thing-you-saw!

Below, Neomobile’s Gurus will guide you through the gift-giving season to spot the perfect presents for your workers and colleagues!

Techy gifts

In our digital era, tech gadgets are the most common items to wrap, and geek/super tech colleagues like Neomobilers will surely appreciate them. Make your choice easy and first of all check these fun gadgets or these holiday gifts.

Original or personalized office supplies

Some offices can be boring, and being original or creative doesn’t mean being messy. So, for example, have a look at these ideas from Mashable: in an ocean of accessories, choose totally original file folders, post its or mouse pads: give your desk a creative touch!

Lunch Facilities

Lunch in the office can sometimes get uncomfortable because of the search for the right location or its practical organization: try Bento, a packed Japanese lunch box who brings good cheer to lunch time! As an alternative, have a look at these attractive ideas. Your colleagues will surely appreciate the combination of design & food! By the way, check out some delicious lunch tips, tested and approved by Neomobilers!


Books always make good presents, e-books and PDF’s even moreso. Nowadays, an e-reader is an evergreen. Here’s a link to a useful review to help you choose one.

Furthermore, enjoy a collection of what we think are this season’s best business books, just to make sure you rock the party…uhm the office! Hence, if you have a library in the workplace, share the love of books with your colleagues and spread the word!


Still not convinced? Then give or share the gift of experience with gift packages, from gourmet retreats and gift cards to Spa & Wellness packages. You can also try giving a charming getaway: a brilliant way to turn the gift into a social occasion outside the office.

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