Top Benefits to Look for in a Company – Tips & Tricks


The equation is quite easy: great benefits at work improve the quality of an employee’s work-life balance and boost his engagement and loyalty. That’s why Neomobile provides great benefits for each of them, from managers to interns. No surprise here; it’s in our culture.

If you are willing to change jobs or try new work experiences, have a look at Neomobile’s dynamic world  and also consider our benefits & compensation. It’s not just about a competitive salary!

Below we list some of the perks that Neomobile provides that almost every great company should have.

Corporate agreements – restaurants, hair dressers, kindergarten: discounts everywhere! We’ve drawn up plenty of agreements with local shops and services in almost every Neomobile office worldwide.

Country/Job rotation – Passionate about new challenges and new places? Neomobile is the right place for you! We offer country and job rotations to many of our great professionals. According to them, these opportunities mean professional development and an enriching life experience.

Flextime – This arrangement allows an employee to adjust the times they start and end their day at work to fit their schedule. We allow entrance within 11 am, and we offer telecommuting too. Discover our 5 reasons to love flexibility!

Food facilities – Work hard but have a nice break too! There’s a kitchen in every office to enjoy homemade meals or chill in the break area. As an alternative, every employee can go out for lunch and use their lunch vouchers.

Free coffee – as an Italian company, we do love coffee. At Neomobile it’s totally free. In general, free beverages & snacks are so delicious during the workday: filling up the office with aroma and energy!

Free fiscal declaration – When it comes to fiscal declarations, each of us feels often annoyed or confused. There’s a tax help center for every Neomobiler that helps him manage them online. Free and easy!

Health insurance – Health coverage (co-payments and discounts) for every employee, in order to facilitate many common tests or checks up. Our expatriate employees also receive this benfit.

Internal contests – Worldwide contests and internal competitions are organized to reward our employees’ expertise and engagement. Voice of Neo or KPI Guru are two of them. Creativity and play is up to our employees! Good rewards included.

Mobile phones – As a mobile commerce company, we provide a smartphones for each employee for both their work and personal use. Technologically connected and always updated!

Outdoor trainings – Among our various kinds of training plans that we use to invest in our People, some of them are held outdoors: from parks to the seaside, continuous learning & improvement is our mantra.

Parties – Social events are the best way to get to know your colleagues better, celebrate work and have a nice time together. Neomobile always chooses nice venues, of course!

Sports – Soccer, volleyball, running, and basketball: Did you know that Neomobile has its own Sporting Club? Nothing like a run with sporty co-workers or a thrilling competition with them!

Tutorship – Never leave a newcomer alone. Neomobile assigns a Tutor (a senior colleague) to every newcomer worldwide. During 6 months he/she will provide the necessary guidance to gain business knowledge and help make life at Neomobile a little easier.


Make sure you check out our corporate website for a complete benefit package.