How to cope with organizational changes in a company – tips & tricks by Neomobile’s experts

Dealing with change in an organization is the order of the day, and typically involves a transition, a move to a new way of working. It ends successfully if costs and employees’ “resistance” are minimized and integrated, while the whole effort is simultaneously maximized.

Considering Neomobile’s new path towards a Lean & Agile methodology, aimed to renew our Company and maintain our cutting-edge position, our experts share the best tips to cope with organizational changes.

Read them below!

  • Improve lines of communication

When a change with big impact occurs, the communication channels need to be enlarged. Since a formal communication channel is more effective at implementing change than a negative informal one, as a Company be a careful and accessible listener and get employees’ opinions and reactions to the changes (for example, organize more and different meetings and events). As an employee, in this context ask for more information and answers. They are never enough!

  • Keep a positive attitude

Change can be stressful and confusing, but your attitude is the thing that keeps you in control. Try to be upbeat and enthusiastic as much as possible: this is one of the most powerful ways to foster motivation in others.

  • Expand your value to the company

Instead of accepting change passively, why don’t you go into action and make yourself even more valuable to your company?

Offer to take charge of some problem or project that isn’t working, create dedicated task forces to help your company grow and prosper.

  • Learn from the experiences of others

Continuous improvement, that include change, requires a commitment to learning: with no learning, companies simply repeat old practices. Besides the skills you bring to an organization, you learn more skills through your work with other people and benefit from their experience and attitude. This includes benchmarking and learning to see (“Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect” principles). One Company, one team!

  • Rise to the challenge

In one final word: be prepared for change and get ready, it can happen anytime. Leave fear behind and prepare yourself mentally for the inevitable changes that are likely to occur.

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