TGIF: 13 Tips to Treat Yourself…just because it’s Friday


Friday can be a tricky day. On one hand you are super motivated because it is the last working day before the weekend (at least for most of us), but on the other hand it can turn out to be very stressful because there are still emails to respond to, deadlines to meet and reports to close.

Just to make sure that you make it to the weekend with the right mood, we want to share some stress-free ideas and ways to treat yourself with, so you can say… “Why not, today is Friday, I deserve it!”

Successful weekend guaranteed!

So all together now: Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

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Casual Friday: Dress like you want!Put on comfy clothes, denim outfits or trainers. Or the exact opposite! Finally put on those nice heels or new outfit, showing your individual personality and style!

Flavorful: give an extra touch, wear perfume! Why not? It’s Friday! And you can bet on who will notice it.

Un Croissant? Mais oui! Once in a while pause your diet and treat yourself to that yummy croissant next to a foamy cappuccino. Or a chocolate chip muffin! A kick-start to your day!

Car sharing: Instead of punishing yourself with overcrowded buses, use comfortable car sharing services once a week!

Sushi? Good sushi isn’t cheap, but boy is it good! And if you have them, use your lunch vouchers or company discounts like Neomobilers do!

Take a stroll: Exercise can boost your mood so take a quick walk to the nearest park and absorb those sun-rays.

Beauty&Wellness: Spend your break at a beauty salon around the corner to have a manicure, a 15 minute massage or any other relaxing spa treatment. You’re worth it!

I love shopping: Turn your lunch break into a shopping break! Treat yourself to a new eye shadow or a cool tie! Maybe those nice pair of shoes you’ve been looking at?

Social breaks: Give a sweet break a chance! Socialize with co-workers, and why not go for a smoothie or afternoon tea? As an alternative, bring a snack to share with others. Time to try that new brownie recipe!

Games, Games, Games: Arrange mini competitions and play with a foosball table, mini Basketball Hoop, shanghai, trivia, Rubik’s cube… Or create company leagues between colleagues and enjoy some minutes of fantasy football

Hey Mr DJ!: stuck with a song in your head that you really like? Did your favorite group release a new album? Grab your headphones and download it from the iStore/Google Play store (or stream it)!

After-work Friday activities: Fix an activity right after your  work day and establish a deadline. You will work harder at closing activities on time and de-stress with a paintball match, a Q-zar game, or maybe a good film review!

Beer-o-clock: do you know what they call Friday at 18:00 in many companies?  Beer-o-clock! Friday is the perfect excuse to close the week having a drink with some colleagues!