Spread the office romance! 7 tips for your Valentine’s Day in the office


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and many couples worldwide will probably dedicate some time and attention to their beloved ones. But why limit your love to your other half? Love comes in many shapes and situations, and there are many people out there to who you can show your love! For example, your colleagues!

Seize this occasion to show a little love to the ones that you share the office with every day and turn the atmosphere a little sweeter. Everyone deserves a bit of love, at least one day a year, even your annoying colleague or boss!

Especially in Neomobile, seen that ‘passion’ is the first value on our list!

Check out some lovely suggestions and let your emotions flow:

  • Rule n.1: office decoration

Let’s start with the basics: small treats, cards, paper hearts, candles or gifts. Especially the ‘sweet tooths’ in the office will love finding a little chocolate on their desk when they arrive.

  • First round of coffee

Take the occasion to gather your colleagues and head to the closest bar: make the first round of coffee or invite everyone to a muffin. Or if your company offers free coffee as a benefit like Neomobile does, prepare a cake and bring it for everyone to share in your common spaces.

  • Organize social lunches

Love is better when it’s shared: why not organize a social lunch with your colleagues or managers? During these relaxed moments you can wish them a happy Valentine’s Day or share some feedbacks. You can also check your eventual corporate agreements with local restaurants, some of them might offer lovely discounts for the occasion!

  • More team building experiences

As said, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to take action and improve cooperation. For example, create a ‘Love board’ where you can share what you love about your job (it would be a great boost and exploration about others’ experiences). Or try to launch a cupcake contest: this can be done in the office itself if you have baking facilities. Baking together can be challenging, and eating it together will be double more fun!

  • Embrace your community

Show love through your concrete actions: give some funds to your favorite non-profit organizations or charity or simply recommend a vacancy to an emerging friend (check our current positions!). Positive and useful endorsement!

  • Speak to people you normally wouldn’t

In small companies, it’s hard to meet people you don’t know or you don’t work with directly, while in Neomobile, given our 12 offices worldwide, almost 300 employees are located worldwide and the occasions where they gather all together don’t take place every week. That’s why we provide common training sessions like Orientation Days also for these reasons! During these events you can meet new persons, deepen relationships and discover something new from them. In any case, during the day of love say hello to the newcomers or just to the colleague on the opposite side of the open space or the country. You can even learn a new language by asking your foreign colleagues how to express your love in their language. And keeping up this habit is not that bad!

  • Easy peasy: Smile!

Sometimes it’s all about spontaneous kindness and warmth, you don’t have to do wonders. Smile! Be as kind as possible but, above all, do it because you feel like it!

Finally, we remind you other 3 ways to ignite the passion for your job: check our values vitamins!