How to save office costs


Let’s focus on this formula: gross revenues – costs & expenses = profit. Sounds familiar?

It’s obviously the basis for every business, and it’s actually a little more complicated than that, but in any case there are 2 ways to get results: earning more money, or saving costs. Both are quite hard, but the second is fundamental, because it requires a state of mind. As an employee, what is your contribution to your company?

We’ve come up with a bunch of money-saving ideas so you can do your bit!

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Go green

First of all, reduce your office expenses as much as possible and control your use of office supplies: paper, electricity and phone expenses represent a majority of the monthly bills to pay. So, turn off your computers at the end of the day and turn off lights in unused rooms; remember to shut off air conditioning or heating when not needed; use two-sided copying or 2-pages per sheet print whenever possible; and buy recycled paper. In any case, try to go paperless!

By the way, learn this awesome tip to waste fewer paper towels!


Respect for office furniture and equipment


Every item in your office has a cost. Do not take everything for granted, and control your office supply expenditures. Act with respect and responsibility, and consider reusing and sharing office supplies among colleagues: instead of buying everything you may need, look for a swap area in your office, or an easy closet,  to place/search for office items.

Reduce travel costs

Many Neomobilers travel worldwide for several reasons, for example to attend meetings in our offices worldwide. Our golden rule for organizing travel  is the sooner the better.  Plan your travels early to reduce flight prices. Make sure that before arriving you understand what alternative transportation is available: public transportation is usually cheaper, and whenever you can, try to share your taxi with other colleagues. Check your company’s eventual agreements with hotels or leisure facilities (or ask your local colleagues where to stay), and remember that Wi-Fi connection is also a real cost saver.

Negotiate a purchase contract

If you are the person in charge of buying new equipment, then compare prices on items like you would do in your personal life. Look for items that you can purchase in bulk  and negotiate a purchase contract with your supplier: this is a very useful strategy in terms of saving costs.


The work-from-home option, which is already offered by Neomobile to its employees, shows many positive aspects. It decreases office space expenses such as electricity and reduces absenteeism or unscheduled absences.

A more flexible schedule also means  that theoretically people work longer hours than they would in the office: In Neomobile’s case, it’s extremely favorable because it provides more flexibility with colleagues working abroad in different time zones.

Finally, telecommuting leads to a better work-life balance and many studies say that telecommuters feel and work better at home. They showed a measurable increase in productivity, which means more commitment to the company and vice versa.  Definitely, a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer.

Finally, encourage your colleagues to follow these policies: a better and more efficient workplace for every one!

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