What is the right age to work in Neomobile?


As we pointed out in numerous posts, many of the open positions in Neomobile are designed for young intrepid people who are dynamic, motivated, curious and open to change.

The confirmation of this is summed up in an infographic that shows the average age of those who already work there. On average, those who work in the Neomobile offices in Rome and Milan are only 31 years old and this age doesn’t change much in the other Neomobile offices worldwide. They range from 26 in France to 38 years in the UK.

Recruiting young people

Neomobile itself is a young company, founded only in 2007 and the sectors in which it operates, mobile telephony and technology, are themselves still growing. The ideal person to work in this field is fast and dynamic, able to maintain a high pace of innovation and naturally prone to experimentation.

In addition, the numbers of the infographic aren’t random but the result of a recruitment strategy adopted by Neomobile in the past and explained in another article by HR Director Fabrizio Tripodi.

On certain occasions it is better to hire a recent graduate with a good base of transverse knowledge, strong personal values and passion for the mobile world rather than a person with a curriculum filled with experiences. In this way it allows the young person to grow within the company and if you prove to be a good person you will have the opportunity not only to gain experience within Neomobile, but also career opportunities.

However, this policy of recruiting must meet the growth needs of the organization so that in the near future it will tend to have an average age certainly higher with a guaranteed correct balance between experience and strong potential on which to continue to invest.

Those truly worthy will climb the ladder!

What is definitely an exception in Italy is the low average age of directors and managers at 34-36 years! In general the access to the most prestigious positions and to high business qualifications is reached only after years and years of hard work and achievement of important goals. In Neomobile the intense pace of work and the exciting challenges each year, give everyone the opportunity to demonstrate their growth and value, subject to assessment and recognition over the annual evaluation processes.

Poor mobility and routine work are not in the DNA of Neomobile, who offers instead a stimulating and meritocratic work environment, open to all those who like to get involved.