Recruiting solutions: a focus on social networks


The world of recruiting is currently changing not only thanks to the Internet – and this is not a novelty – but also thanks to the use of social media. When we talk about work and social tools the first one that comes to mind is Linkedin, the social media born to build and strengthen professional relationships, but are they true recruiting solutions?

What Social Media Job Hunters are looking for

But there is much more.

The HR managers, even in Neomobile, are increasingly attracted by social media, whether it be LinkedIn, or other general networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to find the perfect candidates for the company’s needs and to capture personal information about them.

So pay attention to personal profiles online, and not only to the more strictly professional or to the curriculum. The new Social Media Job Hunt are usually more interested in what isn’t expressed, in what isn’t obvious. They are looking for personal information, browsing through photo albums, assessing the user’s ability to communicate and the accuracy of his online profile.

Every detail is examined to see if you are a proactive or demotivated person, if you love talking and gossiping or if you argue about your affirmations, what your interests are and if you have any inappropriate behavior.

How to optimize your social profile

Now how can you protect yourself from this scrupulous radiography or better yet how can you use it for the best? Social media are used by employers both to recruit as to discard candidates. So here are some suggestions according an American survey of 2011 on how to improve a proper profile:

  • 86% of employers thinks that candidates should at least make their profiles more professional and cared for
  • 60% think that candidates should hide personal pictures, but only 51% of the candidates actually do
  • 36% think that candidates should omit religious or political indications
  • 56% think questionable wall posts should be deleted even if it was not the candidate to write them

The main reasons for rejecting candidates on the basis of information found online is the lifestyle, inappropriate comments, photos or videos.

What inappropriate content means is very subjective … Let’s just state that being “socially correct” in most cases can help you not to be eliminated … but of course being selected in the end is another story!