What’s behind the word payroll? How is it managed within a company? Which characteristics should a payroll professional have? We talked with our Michele Garrasi and Gianfranco Romito, in charge of Payroll & HR Administration in the People Team of Neomobile

Between the recent internal payroll system and the monthly internal newsletter, from the management of several immigration processes to the payslip training sessions and the workshops regarding maternity subjects, we can affirm that they are pretty innovative and dynamic in their job!

Find out more about them and their activities in our interview.

Let’s start introducing yourselves: what did you study? How did you end up in Neomobile?

Michele: I have a degree in Political Science and International Relations obtained at Cagliari’s University, and after that I moved to Rome and I did a Master in Management and Administration of Human Resources, which was followed by the various basic courses about payroll contributions, administration and law labor. From a working point of view I had an experience in recruiting, and at the same time I started focusing more and more on the world of administration because once I selected and hired a candidate I usually found myself facing complaints on salaries and so on, realizing that it was more satisfying answering that kind of questions. Therefore I found a job ad on Jobsoul, an Italian portal for job offers: Neomobile was looking for a junior admin profile. I sent the CV and here I am. I am a Neomobiler since September 2011“.

Gianfranco: After high school graduation, I started studying Information Engineering  but after a few months I understood that it was not my right choice since I loved studying personal and social dynamics more than numbers. So, I changed and attended Psychology of Human Resources at Bari University. After the degree I did a working experience in the recruiting field but, as Michele said, I felt it was not enough for me. So I chose a master’s degree in management of human resources, and after that I started the stage in Neomobile. I am here since 2014, and now I am 100% a Payroll & HR Administration professional”.

Can you desscribe a typical day in the world of HR Admin & Payroll of Neomobile

Michele: “More than just a typical day, I would rather say typical weeks! In the first two weeks we deal with the creation of payslips, we control them, and the post pay phase: all counts must balance with the accounting and we must also manage the contributions and taxes. For the rest of the month we manage other transversal projects, such as the storage of information and documents, the management of expatriates, counseling labor law, but also the necessary general reporting and the management and the law accomplishment on safety at work”.

Gianfranco: “I also add the timesheet management at the end of the month, and the delivery of ticket restaurants. We definitely have a strong contact with the colleagues!”

What are the three must-have characteristics required for a professional in your field?

Michele: First of all, anyone who works in this job must be crazy in his free time! In the sense that private life is the only time when you can evade the seriousness and professionalism that in this work is crucial. However, a professional must have a preference for numbers and he should be sensitive to HR dynamics because we are always in contact with the soft part of this function, which is in fact strictly linked to the hard world of laws and procedures…Another important characteristic is a good technical knowledge because we work with many software that are constantly updated. The payslips are not printed in paper anymore…”

Gianfranco: This function belongs to HR so I would say that you cannot miss empathy with colleagues, because behind the payslip there is a person with needs and problems. Our work has a great and direct impact on people’s life… I would also add that the curiosity to be always updated on regulatory and labor law, and finally the energy and fun in doing a job that is apparently boring. In short yes, it requires rigor but also a touch of madness!

What would say to those who affirm that your job is boring and repetitive?

Michele: I would say that they are right! But that’s because they don’t know how amazing and dynamic this topic is. It’s like walking on quicksand…The real challenge is being always updated thus update our output. Unfortunately this kind of profession is managed ‘behind the scenes’, the interest for it is personal…I mean, no one asks us why we do the things we do but they do ask for their net every month”.

Gianfranco: Repetitiveness is undeniable, but not in Neomobile: we manage so many changes that every month is different. We definitely liven up our daily life!”

What do you like the most of your job?

Michele: Paradoxically, I appreciate the relationship with colleagues, which unfortunately is often based on an initial misunderstanding, in the sense that it is more assiduous and common a complaint rather than a pleasant chat! But our goal is always to translate a difficult language in a simple and understandable one. I can say that in Neomobile there is a lot of transparency and communication, we are always available for everyone.

The beauty of this work is also in keeping up with the news and understanding how labor law evolves. The interpretation of the law is fascinating! Mixed blessing…”.

Gianfranco: “Being able to explain to an employee something of this complex world (especially the Italian one) is definitely satisfactory… then clarify the doubts and give meaning to rules and numbers is what pleases me the most. Here empathy is crucial! In my particular case I started loving the topic when I started explaining payroll to my father…”

Share with us the 3 most useful websites in your job.

Michele & Gianfranco: “The payroll software site, in our case is Zucchetti; Il Sole 24ore; and the list of various government websites.”

It’s been 1 year since Neomobile completed the insourcing of payroll services, in the so-called “Independence Project”… tell us something more about this complex challenge!

Michele: “Since Neomobile lives repeated changes we need to monitor many different situations and cases. The suffering that we had with the previous payroll service was due to the delay whereby we received information and reports, and on top of that they were not customized and they were a little too objective. So, the insourcing of payroll services was born to facilitate the internal payroll flows. What a long and wonderful challenge we lived…moreover we had a big saving! Now, after a year we are totally satisfied, colleagues and top management included!”

Gianfranco: “I add that since we have full independence we also have the possibility to improve the flow and the tool itself (the interface, the communication etc). Now we manage it as we prefer”.

Not only payslips … what is the funniest part of your job?

Gianfranco: “When during the ticket delivery colleagues threaten me to give them more ticket restaurants!”

Michele: “True! Considering our role we are in a constant climate of ironic ‘threat’ because colleagues often think that we pay salaries and benefits… in truth we are just an intermediary! In short, we are in the front line so we receive blame, merit and jokes.”

What would you suggest to recommend to those who want to work in Neomobile?

Michele: “I would recommend them to give vent to their curiosity. Neomobile is a company that offers you the possibility to have, suggest and manage an idea or a project, and make you responsible.”

Gianfranco: I add also the courage to ask and to speak clearly, leaving doubts behind…and finally to update oneself continuously!”

Last question: 1 million dollar or an easy payroll (alternatively, a quick and successful immigration process)? 🙂

Michele: “I’ll take 1 million dollar, then I buy the INPS (the Italian social security and welfare institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so I solve all my problems!”

Gianfranco: ” …the same, I’ll receive 1 million dollar to avoid problems with payroll!”

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