How to reconcile your work and your passion for volunteering? Check out the story of Michela Latini, from Neomobile’s Legal team

Have you ever heard about a “gap year” or a “career break”, when professionals take a break from ordinary office life and experience personal projects or extra activities, such as travelling around the world? Considering this, recently Neomobile did a collaboration with Big Beyond, an international non-profit organization, to launch and offer to our volunteer colleagues the first sabbatical experience in Uganda.

Among these, we introduce you Michela Latini, from Legal department in Rome, who opens up about her working life and her love for Africa. Let’s meet Michela!

You are in Neomobile for 3 years approximately, and considering the dynamism of our organization and related business, you gained a lot of experience, both personal and professional! Let’s take a step back: what’s your background and how did you begin working in the Company?

“Since the beginning, Neomobile was my choice. I did different work experiences during and after University, such as working in a law firm, but I immediately realized that it was not my cup of tea, I had no input. Since having new stimulus really motivates me on the job, I immediately sought an international context, in contact with different realities not only legal, just like Neomobile. When I saw the job vacancy I sent my CV immediately, I was fond of the company from the first moment! Then, after a while I was called for the interview: I could not believe it…The first impression was good. Apart from the final step of the interview, which was eventually positive, I had the confirmation that the environment was great, an Italian company that really invests in young people. Downstream, after three years from that moment, I can truly say that this is my reality, this is the environment in which learn and grow every day. I would never go back! ”

A day with a legal professional in an IT context: tell us your main activities!

“I’m in charge of legal topics that occur in different departments: from reviewing contracts to consultancies, from managing administrative activities to insurances for events or safe building maintenance…but also intellectual property topics, or corporate updates… In a nutshell, my role is to lean the business, to keep it dynamic as well as protected, in compliance and within the law.”

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

“Like I said before, interacting in this complex business and succeeding, keeping interactions protected, for example using a comprehensible language for business colleagues, well, this is amazing. Business and legal are two different ‘worlds’, and when we conclude a process together (for instance, launching a new product), interacting in the best way possible, it’s gratifying.”

Neomobile recently started a collaboration with Big Beyond, a social international enterprise, and launched the sabbatical project in Africa: an incredible opportunity for our colleagues who want to experience a period of time away from the workplace and help other people. You will be the first Neomobiler in joining it and travelling to Uganda! What are your expectations? Why did you decide to apply?

“My expectations are very positive. Apart from my previous experience (I’ve already been to Africa, in Kenya), and despite knowing more or less how Africa is, I’m truly excited. Africa is not a perfect country, because there is no perfect country, but my previous African travel has been breathtaking, I can call it ‘my baptism’: I faced many difficulties but on the other hand I welcomed the amazing gifts that this territory can give, always with the head on my shoulders. When you land there you feel a different emotion, you really feel very far from home, with no filters, embracing your genuine, curious and inner spirit especially if you travel alone. It’s so captivating. Africa blues exists because of the strong contact with nature that brings you to a primitive status, to a primordial simplicity that then we always seek. That’s why I applied: to be in contact with that territory again, with that population, and give a help.”

Which advice you’d give to all your colleagues back in the office?

“I’d like to tell them how beautiful the project has been, and I hope it will continue year after year…furthermore, I’d like to share the simplicity that that kind of travels can bring.”

Finally, what makes Neomobile a unique Company and what would you recommend to those who want to work in our company?

“Its uniqueness is given by the continuous investment on young people and their potential: my experience is a real example, starting from intern and then confirmed on board…and it’s not given for granted! Since I am not an isolated case, I state that it’s our Company’s way of work. Therefore, its dynamism keeps you alive, always out of your comfort zone: at the beginning it seems difficult, but then you understand how powerful it is. Accuracy, serenity and great incentives, I would describe Neomobile this way: I perceived these elements from day 1, and I can confirm it now.

To those who want to work in our company I would recommend to be always ready to accept and embrace the change, to be inspired by an international and exciting environment, as well as to bet on English language, that makes the difference.”

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