Neomobile’s Values and Vitamins: Passion


The 3 Necessary Levels of Passion at the Office that Neomobile uses everyday.

After Continuous Learning and Improvement, here’s another chapter of our ‘Values Vitamins’, a focus on our corporate values. As every company worthy of this name, Neomobile identifies its uniqueness through seven core beliefs that set the tone for our company’s image, culture and environment. Passion is the first of them because it’s the basis of our business.

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This focus delivers from a series of topics that we usually write for our colleagues in our Intranet as a form of inspiration in their everyday lives. Our aim is to give them some tips and communicate useful ideas and different points of view about our assets that we also want to share with you: let us influence you with our suggestions!

Discover new ways to ignite that passion and keep it burning in your work life.

Neomobile Company Values Icons
Neomobile Company Values

Level 1 – Company’s point of view

“We love what we do and we strongly believe in achievement, innovation, competition and simplicity.” – Here’s our mantra. We all know passion is one of the most important vehicles for performance, innovation and creativity, especially in the Mobile Commerce place, where conviction is the powerful force. Therefore passion for your activities will increase your engagement to your company and it helps to build loyalty and mutual improvement between colleagues. How can you increase it for your business?

Know all there is to know: being curious is a plus for the company, and you can never stop learning about your business through several channels. First things first: know the company you work for inside out, then stay informed about the latest trends and news in your sector. Our company blog (and our social channels) already help our employees head in that direction, providing all the latest news and insights about the Mobile Commerce world we live in. The actions above are clearly linked with continuous learning and improvement, which firstly lies with yourself.

Level 2- Job’s point of view

When your job is also your hobby, it stops being a job” – try to get this saying as close as possible!

Become as good as you can. Do you perform at 100%? If not, try to identify the obstacles or gaps that separate you from your full capacity and thus from your passion, and try to fill the gaps. Firstly, get the tools you need to work (both training courses and material objects), then think out of the box, and try to think big: focus on a positive mindset— substitute ‘must’ with ‘want to’, ‘that won’t work’ with ‘I’ll show you an alternative.’

A fertile culture is one that recognizes when things don’t work and examine the issue. To arrive at this point it is important that people feel trusted, so they can speak freely. In Neomobile everyday meetings and reunions, both formal and informal, are scheduled between employees and Top Management: communicate your doubts or problems.

Level 3 – Personal point of view

Time is a precious commodity and finding a good work life balance means proper prioritizing between ‘work’ and ‘lifestyle’.

A good work life balance is definitely the key to succeed in your experiences. We suggest you to not bring work home, instead use your spare time to cultivate and encourage your passions or to commit to a new hobby.

By the way, why don’t you bring your personal hobbies to work? A good company needs your personal touch in its premises: do you love travelling and speaking languages? Practice them with your colleagues and they will surely appreciate it! Are you a fantastic runner? Join the running team in your company or get involved by organizing marathons and competitions! Did you know Neomobile owns its sport association ‘Neomobile Sporting Club’? Many teams have been created: from running to female soccer and a volley team. Mens sana in corpore sano!

Company Sports Team Reus Neomobile Spain
Company Sports Team Reus Neomobile

So, follow the mantra: focus on yourself, on your interests, (re)discover what you truly enjoy, and hereby enrich yourself, the people around you and especially the company.

Last but not least: passion is contagious, and seeing someone doing what he’s passionate about is contagious to people who cross their paths. And who is more passionate about any sort of business than… the Top Management itself? Whenever you have the occasion, get infected and surround you with those who started an activity or a business, and feel their enthusiasm.

In our case, it’s our Top Management and Funders Gianluca D’Agostino, Chief Executive Officer, and Claudio Rossi, Chief Operating Officer, who started our Neomobile Company driven by their passion for the rising Mobile world.

Let them inspire you with these 2 interviews (ita & eng), and find out how Neomobile started the business!