10 Hilarious Office Pranks for April Fool’s Day


10 Office Pranks you NEED to Try

Ah ‘April Fool’s Day’. If you haven’t celebrated it before, don’t feel bad.– even big companies like Twitter and Google have become experts in it. It’s nothing too aggressive! After all, you are still in the office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few laughs!

Between a Jell-o’d stapler and wrapping desks and everything on it, there is definitely a lot to learn from ‘The office’ (see Jim’s Greatest Pranks on Dwight).

Well, here’s your chance and Neomobile is here to give you some ideas.
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 1.Tape on mouse prank

Tape on Mouse Prank
Tape on Mouse Prank

A Classic Prank. All you have to do is cover the laser on the bottom of the mouse with some tape to creating some great confusion by making victims believe the mouse is broken. Add some humor by taping  a piece of paper with a personalized message! (a kind one of course!)

2.Switch the Pen Ink Prank

ball point pen parts
ball point pen parts

This switch pen ink prank is super easy. Just switch the colors fillings of your victim’s pens (or even just remove them) and see how long it takes for them to notice!

 3. Switch Keyboard Letters

funny keyboard pranks
funny keyboard pranks

Leave your colleague a secret message by switching around the letters on their keyboard. Here is how.

4. The Honking Chair

Fog Horn Office Chair Prank
How to play the fog horn chair prank!

Ok, be careful because this prank is not for the faint of heart. But an air horn taped to the chair or behind the door entrance is guaranteed to give your victim their wake-up call of the day. It will work even better than the strongest Espresso. Find all th instructions here

5. The Neverending Ringing Phone

Office Phone Prank
Office Phone Prank

Stick a bit of card in your colleague’s phone button underneath the receiver and ring them. When they go to pick the phone up and talk into it, it will still be ringing. (Thanks to Jamie Broderick.)

6. The frozen desktop:

If you find an unlocked computer, there are several things that you can do (this is actually the best way to teach people to lock their computer! No prank guide would be complete without the classic desktop-picture switcheroo.

Target: Anyone who is trusting enough to leave their computer unlocked in a workplace!
It’s Probably the oldest prank. But fun nevertheless.
> Close ALL open windows.
> Take a screenshot of the desktop (hit PrintScreen button on keyboard).
> Open MS Paint and hit CTRL+V (to paste). Save the file.
> Now change the wallpaper of your target to this saved image.
> To make it more fun, hide all icons so there are only images remaining. Right click on desktop and go to “Arrange icons by” and uncheck “Show desktop items”. Your target is going to think the icons are supposed to work, but they never do!
Optional: Auto-hide the taskbar as well. To do this, right click on the taskbar, go to properties, check the option for “Auto-hide the taskbar”

7 . Skype Group Chat Prank

skype chat prank
skype chat prank

Start a group chat inviting everything, and keep quiet, hilarity ensues. 

8. Fill a Room with Balloons

Self Explanatory 🙂

9.Voice Activated Printer 

voice activated printer prank
Voice activated printer prank

Print out this image and tape it to your printer. Change the logo if you need to!

10. The bathroom switch Prank

Bathroom Prank
Bathroom prank


Follow the Rules for Office Pranks!

Have fun, but don’t lose your job!

Consider the culture in your office.  If you work in a law firm or a conservative government office, you may want to partake in such pranks.  If you work at say, at start-up where the participation in foosball tournaments is a prerequisite of employment, then chances are you can probably unleash your inner prankster. Consider that not everyone in your office might come from the same culture and background as you.

Please, don’t do anything illegal even though it may seem funny. Planting dried oregano in a co-worker’s desk and then calling the police is not only against the law, but also a waste of taxpayer resources. It will also probably force you to say goodbye to your job.

Always think about who you are pranking. Know their sense of humor or lack of one.  If you have a cool boss who can take a joke, great, but remember, they are still your boss. So you better be sure that the stripper you hired to pose as their temp for the day does indeed go over well when he or she finds out the truth.

Think about the consequences of the prank and make sure that humor and laughter are the ultimate goal – not tears, embarrassment, a lawsuit or worse, a heart attack. Also, bullying is major issue these days, so don’t use pranks as way to embarrass, humiliate or seek revenge on someone you don’t like. Actually, it’s probably better if you don’t prank your frenemies at all. It will almost always come back to bite you.

The most important rule is to have fun, and when appropriate video tape the reaction to ensure lots of future laughs!