Office Guru Training: Neomobile’s office specialists’ network


They are almost in every up and running office, but we’re not talking about infrastructures, nor good managers; they are advisers, assistants at the same time, and they manage all in a row!

In one word, they are…the precious multi-tasking office specialists!

They are in charge of thinking of everything inside & outside the Company, and in Neomobile we have 10 office specialists, working in our offices worldwide. Even if they share the same activities every day (and for some it’s only a part of their activities), and the same work approach, they are in different countries and they are often members of different teams.

Given that in Neomobile our people count as well as their functions, last July 10th and 11th our coach Mauro Cuomo, together with Alessia Toniolo, TM Assistant Sr Specialist, and Carmen Brauns, Training & HR Communication Sr Specialist, organized the 1st Office Guru training: a two-day course with the participation of the majority of Neomobile’s office specialists to create their international network, collect all the best practices to write their own handbook and boost their team spirit!

Where to begin? From self-consciousness at work, of course. In general, a clear perception of your everyday plus is the first step to improve and control reactions and emotions, consequently, in this profession, it allows office specialists to better understand other people and their necessities. As Alessia declared, “The office guru is a problem solver, with a mission to anticipate and solve issues and, above all, anticipate bosses and office’s needs, with a great sensibility and a large organizational and corporate knowledge.”  They are definitely a strong reference in the office life, especially in a dynamic environment such as Neomobile.

Knowledge, skills and behaviors were the three implementing levels. “Writing down their activities and focusing on them, made them realize all their great work, and it meant empowerment and reinforcing of our efficiency”, added Alessia. In fact, all the participants showed satisfaction: “I appreciate much more my work”, “I came back being proud to be part of Neomobile” and “It was an excellent motivation (personal and professional) that changed my attitude towards my activities” were some of the comments.

In the end, this first training has been a very useful experience, but it came up also as a great learning session for all: strength through unity!

office guru-neomobile


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