Neomobile’s ‘Voice of Neo’ Winner, Pasqual Ferrari, Goes to Brazil!


Between the World Cup and office life: The ‘voice of Neo’ goes to Brazil!

At Neomobile, why do we do what we do? The answer comes straight from our colleagues!

Last year Neomobile launched the contest ‘Voice of Neo’  in all our offices worldwide, asking our colleagues ‘why Neomobile is a great place to work’ (click here to find out more). The greatest and most original answer came from Pasqual Ferrari, one of our developers in the Reus office in Spain, winning  the exclusive title of ‘Voice of Neo’ together with trips to 2 of Neomobile’s offices: the perfect chance to get to know our colleagues better, work in a different team and enjoy the country… kill three birds with one stone!

This article is also available in Italian.

In the end he chose to visit just one destination together with a fellow colleague-developer, Josep Pons: They decided to go to our Brazilian office in Sao Paulo, and seen that the World Cup is taking place there, he couldn’t have picked a better occasion…

Curious about his carioca experience? Pasqual himself told us everything! Let’s find out more…

Josep Pons Brazil 2014
Josep Pons Brazil 2014
Pasqual Ferrari visits Brazil 2014
Pasqual Ferrari visits Brazil 2014

What did you expect from this experience? Did it live up to your expectations?

PF: “First of all, the opportunity to travel around the world and get to know the Brazilian office and my colleagues there better, was very nice. Then, thanks to the new reorganization and the new roles inside of the different technical teams, it was also a great opportunity for me to get lots of new knowledge from the technical reference in Brazil, Alexandre Mantovani, our DEV Manager. And last, but not least, the world cup event was also a very interesting point!

People here have been very kind with us and we’ve spent a very nice week in Sao Paulo’s office. I’ve really liked the idea of playing ping-pong after lunch in order to digest, very very nice! Regarding the professional purposes of the trip, I’m very satisfied with all the new things I’ve learned with Alexandre, he is a very good sensei and I enjoyed the pair-programming time we spent there! It has been a very profitable time. Finally, I cannot speak so much about the world cup because the event has just started, and not so good for us in Spain… (By now, Spain team slipped out of the World Cup – editor’s note)”

Neomobile's employees work together
Pasqual learns new skills with the team in Brazil

Describe your average day in the Brazilian office.

PF: “I Wake up at 7:30 and coordinate with Josep Pons, Sr Developer, the shower time. I have a big  breakfast at Prodigy hotel at 8:00. Leave the hotel at 8:40 and walk 20 minutes to the office. Then I get the usual reminder from Pons not to forget the Passport. Do a check-in (every day) at the office building at 9:00. Work till 13:30 (lunch time). Go out for lunch for 1 hour (to the closer restaurants). It continues with 10 minutes of ping-pong before starting work again. Work till 18:30 (more or less). At 18:30 skype time with my close people. 19:00 Come back to hotel, use the swimming pool, take a shower, go to dinner, rest and sleep. More or less this was my average day!”

Neomobile Office in Brazil
Neomobile Office in Brazil

What are the differences between working in Brazil and working in Reus? What is  the common thread that unites the two offices?

PF: “The main difference between the Reus office and the others is that in Reus we are alone; we have no country manager there, no office responsible, etc. Each one of us is responsible for ourself and all of us have to be each other’s manager. The two ways of working in both offices is very different, but at the end the result is the same, the two offices do a great job. And we also have  the same coffee machine!!”

Why do you think it is important to see how people work elsewhere?

PF: “Because you can see how people from different cultures work (and live) in real time and this can help you to understand why people do this or do that… I think that the more able you are to understand a different culture, the best you are able to deal with that person in all areas of life, and also work, of course.”

Neomobile Team Brazil 2014
Neomobile Team Brazil 2014

Choose a precise memory (a moment, an image, an episode) that you will carry home with you from this experience

PF: “When the first bus we took in Rio de Janeiro  made us fly for a couple of seconds!”

Any other comments or anecdotes?

PF: “First: Analyze the slow process of the renewal retry queues for the TIM carrier while at the same time Casillas is dancing at Robben’s feet… my god! Another one, I think this is better.

Situation: Plane from Barcelona – Roma. After the take-off I took my computer in order to finish some urgent personal stuff and suddenly the woman in front of me extended her seat, so my laptop crashed into my chest.

Me: Signora, if you do like this with your seat, I’m not able to work anymore… Can you please…

Signora: If I don’t do like this, I cannot sleep.


And others surely that i just I don’t remember…”


Did you know that Pasqual’s victory was contributed to by Josep Pons’ amazing drawings? He’s one of our Sr Developer as well as an artist! Check some of the caricatures he made during their trip to Brazil!

Josep Pons' drawings of Neomobile's office life in Brazil 2014
Josep Pons’ drawings of Neomobile’s office life in Brazil 2014


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