The end of 2014 in Neomobile: the super week with our brand new HQ Opening

After almost 9 months of anticipation, on past November 24, 2014, the new Neomobile HQ in Rome has been unveiled, and on December, 18th it has been presented officially to several guests, partners and representatives.

As some of you may remember, Neomobile’s HQ moved from an older and outdated building to a fully remodeled and modern office space. Located in the EUR-Laurentina area, the workspace has been completely renovated with an equipped kitchen, free parking, a relaxation area, locker rooms and showers, phone booths, a ping pong table, and so much more. We try our best to provide everything employees dream of having as a benefit!

During both ceremonies, Neomobile’s CEO and Co-Founder, Gianluca D’Agostino, joined Claudio Rossi, Neomobile’s COO and co-founder, to give a special thanks to Alessandro Leone, Neomobile’s CFO and Project Manager, and to the task force who made it possible. He reminded us of the importance this new office holds in terms of innovation and collaboration:

“It will allow us to work in a more dynamic and integrated way, and it will express the right balance between concentration, communication, entertainment spaces and relaxation areas.

Some part of the inspiration behind the new HQ came from their several visits to many of the greatest offices around the world: finally passion, beauty, technology and innovation, all mingled into one unique place in Rome.

All the people who had the chance to visit it really appreciated it, like Cristina Arbini, LinkedIn Media Solutions Consultant – Italy.

What about the Neomobilers themselves? After the preview visit they had a few months ago, our Neomobilers are still pretty excited with the results, and all of them still remember their day 1, when they stepped into the new HQ at 9 o’clock, welcomed by Top Management and the People Team, joined together in the new and improved lounge area known as the comfort zone for an Italian breakfast and explored the office, unpacked their boxes and happily settled into their new home.

During these weeks, emotions and feelings were captured on social media accounts (check out some of the tweets below!) (#GoodMorningNewHQ)


The grand opening took place during the intensive week before the closing holidays during which a big variety of activities have been organized. Seizing the visit of our foreign colleagues for our Business Review, several training sessions have been organized to reinforce skills and focus on new projects for 2015. A tutor summit, uniting the colleagues that dedicate their time to making sure that a new Neomobiler gets an insight on the Neomobile business & culture, gave a moment of insight on the efforts done throughout the year and the week was closed in Christmas mood with a Christmas Gift Pit where colleagues could pick up their gift and a Christmas party during which the yearly awards were handed out and the final cheerful toast for 2014 was made.

The Neomobilers have spoken: Neomobile is the best place to work! Want to join us? Check our Open Positions right now!