Neomobile’s milestones: The 1st anniversary of the Colombian office


Neomobile is an international company with almost 300 employees worldwide. Today we celebrate the 1st anniversary of our launch of the Neomobile office in Bogotá, Colombia!

The best way to celebrate this important moment is with its protagonists, from our colleagues who helped build it, to the new arrivals. We asked this creative team to share their best memories. Read all about their journey below!

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In the beginning, today’s Andean Countries Manager, Andrea Grijalba, was the head of the task force for the new office in Colombia. This was the best choice since that she was the only colleague located in Colombia, telecommuting from her home.  “I was really happy when the office was opened since I consider the interaction with people, a key factor to making a business more dynamic. We have a beautiful 100 m² office with a perfect distribution of space. From the very beginning, we decorated it following Neomobile’s culture and added a Colombian touch”. 

In that start-up moment, Pietro Gianquinto, Neomobile’s Brazil Country Manager, played a fundamental role: “The startup phase of launching a new office and training people has been one of the most amazing projects ever. From day 1 we involved the entire team in some activities and decisions, from buying plants to training them about Neomobile’s world. We created a truly strong team.”

Pamela Velasquez, Business Operations Specialist, was also one of the founders: after her country rotation to Brazil, she still misses her colleagues because, “everyone has transformed it into a unique office. During that process our team spirit improved a lot.

Compared to those first days, Marketing Sr Specialist Xamir Castelblanco’s still shows his enthusiasm, “For me, the Colombian office should be the winner of ‘the Great Place to Work’ award”. His pal Diego Duarte, Marketing Specialist, explained that, “it was amazing being part of the building process: we were opening a new office; we will be part of that forever.”

Building a new team from scratch isn’t easy, but Grijalba underlined that “from the very beginning, if the entire process has been accurate, there is no need to be worried. All the stages are important, starting from the selection process”. So, the latest newcomers Camila Chavarro, Business Operations Jr Specialist, Adriana Gussoni, Business Operations Jr Specialist, and Alejandra Becerra, Marketing Jr Specialist, also gave their impressions. The latter added that “as soon as I entered I instantly felt the young vibe of the team. This was actually one of the key factors that caught my full interest about the company, “whileChavarro said, “When I arrived, I discovered that the people here are very special. I love our international profile. In fact, the first thing you find in the office is a global map with all our offices worldwide”, and Gussoni explained that “the magic of Neomobile Colombia is how all our personalities make a perfect match.

Everyone contributes on a daily basis, to develop the work environment: Duarte spreads “hilarious moments whenever the team needs it. In addition, the team itself grows with the office, and this gives us an extra bond.

Xamir feels the same, “One of my contributions is trying to create a good sense of trust between us.” In any case, Viviana Taborda, Finance Specialist, also gives the office her personal touch, from the small details of the office to the most accurate financial reports, “The office is a place that I consider like an extension of my house. That’s why I like to keep it comfortable; and also like to encourage my coworkers to keep it this way. It motivates us to do better at work.”

Finally, what has changed since the 1st day Neomobile’s office in Colombia has opened? According to Grijalba, “Everything has changed, but I would say that team spirit remained invariable! I think all of us have grown by sharing this experience.”