Neomobile hosts a weekend-long hackathon to help find innovative solutions for obstacles faced by those with sensory disabilities.

Behind every big successful event there is hard work, dedication, and a thousand little decisions, just to fine-tune and share the perfect occasion with guests and attendees. This is exactly what happened on Saturday & Sunday, May 16-17 for “Hack Disabilities,” the first Hackathon in Rome hosted by Neomobile together with Codemotion, for the visually impaired.

The participation was massive, and Neomobile’s HQ became a hub where tech enthusiasts of all ages and nationalities created, developed, ate, and also slept over the weekend, fostering an innovative and passionate environment.

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In general, there were around fifty attendees who came from Rome, Naples, Milan and Ancona and many other places! There were also 6 young women. After the welcome speeches the participants started forming their groups and brainstorming, in order to deliver their projects on Sunday.

Let’s have a glimpse at them: given the 5 challenges (entertainment, home automation, push notification, social networking, and mobility), in less than 2 days they created Android apps, games, devices integrated with hypothetical wearables, and an interactTV too, all of them tested by our visually impaired guests.

The winner was the “FEARR group,” 5 young students and new graduates from Rome and the Marche region who met at the event and gathered their skills as developers and makers to focus on an analogic touchpad.

Considering that the majority of them never joined a hackathon, why did they participate this time? “The reason was the theme, absolutely,”,said Riccardo Amadio, “Personally, I wanted to give my contribution and do something for these people, trying to give them innovative opportunities. The event itself, has been amazing too.” Vincenzo La Francesca, from our partner Unione Italiana dei Ciechi e Ipovedenti, says, “I appreciated the simplicity of their project. It’s ready to use and functional.  The event has been super, too. Plus it’s great to meet new people!

What about the prizes? Second and third place for “Cubotteam group” and “Accessible Pixel”, who respectively won 6 Brainwave kits and 6 UDOO cards, while the 1st place winners collected 5 tickets for the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Congrats!

Neomobile sends out a big thanks to all the participants who gave their bit during this unique occasion.

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