Companies are increasingly sponsoring internal contests to generate employee interaction and engagement, and Neomobile doesn’t stand on the sidelines.

As we did last year, in 2014 we launched an internal challenge in all our offices worldwide to find this year’s Voice of Neo, a great and creative ‘ambassador’ who explains through a personal video why Neomobile is a great place to work and spread the word. The winner was Rene Palmiero, our Finance Specialist in Sao Paulo, who won the chance to travel to 2 of Neomobile’s offices as reward.

Check out his travel diary!

“Let’s start from the beginning. I had a great purpose for this trip: meet people I work with and who I am in contact daily through Skype in order to create a stronger relationship with them. Also, I wanted to understand the culture, see the way of living in each country and share knowledge with teams.

The chosen offices were Rome (Headquarters) and Madrid. Ça va sans dire, both cities are great, and I got a strong and positive impression of Italian and Spanish cultures since day 1. There is a beautiful contrast between modernity inside the offices and history in the streets!

What about Neomobile’s memories? “In Rome, the office is incredible, 150 people working there, super heroes on the walls, a super atmosphere…At the same time, in Spain the office is cozy and very organized, 14 Neomobilers working there closely. In both offices, I was welcomed: my colleagues are very kind and most of them already knew me. I talked with all departments, I had opportunity to better understand work flows and give my points of view in order to improve them.” Well, not only work, of course! “I had the opportunity to go out too and have dinner with Neomobilers. We talked about Brazilian life style, music, night life, travel… I have found out lots of similarities between Brazilian, Italian and Spanish people like idiomatic expressions, food, cars, drinking and other habits. Therefore, I learned new words in Italian and Spanish, of course!”

Back home, melancholy and excitement!During the trip, I shared some photos of Rome and Madrid with my colleagues in Brazil, and they liked them a lot. When I came back to my country, I really understood the importance of travelling to new places, learning about new cultures and sharing experiences with people. A further point of view, I noticed the relationships among people I work with have improved, the communication is easier, and I understood deeper how the company works from HQ’s perspective and the importance of always being engaged with it. Definitely, Neomobile is the best company to work at, and it has the passion of bringing people together.

Curious to read who will be the 2015 winner? Stay tuned!