At Neomobile, employee training runs through our veins: we deepen and develop our employees’ skills as well as improve our workflow. That’s why we also provide local training events at our offices worldwide.

At the end of September, our corporate coach Mauro Cuomo, together with Enrica Lipari, our People Sr Manager, Sara Riggi, HR Jr Specialist, and Anna Russo, Program Management & Regulatory Affairs Executive Director, went to Belgrade to launch Neomobile’s Skills Assessment Days, a dedicated session for our Serbian colleagues. Nikola Srebric, Serbia Factory Manager, gave his great support throughout the skills assessment days by organizing, monitoring and helping the groups.

During the 3-day event, they challenged themselves during indoor and outdoor activities:. During the first and last day, individual sessions and consequent debriefs took place in order to deepen motivational and working traits of every participant, while during the second day the outdoor provided 3 main games: disruptive thinking, and a community maze exercise. Playing in teams with exercises in orientation in space, creativity and communication, they boosted team spirit and mutual trust.

In any case, the best way to describe it is though our protagonists’ words, all in the Program Management, Regulatory Affairs & Serbia Factory team.

Though Jelena Matejic had modest expectations, this session turned out to be “very useful in many ways, and of course extremely funny. Thanks to various situations we were involved in, I realized who’s creative, who’s a leader, or who’s the person I would like to work for”.

In fact Ivan Minic explained that “it was a nice experience and we had the chance to get to know our colleagues better”, and Aleksandra Pirkovic added that “it was the perfect occasion to also know ourselves better”. Milos Obradovic insisted on this point because “during this moments you are able to look at your reflection to see how you face different situations and how everybody else does”, and Ana Stosic learnt that:

“…no matter how different we are and how different our skills are, we can be a perfect team if we just listen to each another.”

They witnessed this especially during a team game where everybody was blindfolded: Valentina Mitic liked it because “you had to trust the person who was driving the whole team to get the best time and to reach the finish line”.

Jovana Maric underlined the organizational aspects too: “Everything was well organized and I liked Mauro Cuomo’s good advice and instructions”. Aleksandra enjoyed them a lot, “the outdoor activities were the best part, also because of the good weather!”. In particular, Mirjana Vesic really focused on them:

That day, we were away from computers and confined space and it was really exciting for me, in fact after coming home, I fell asleep as soon as I touched the bed. I was so relaxed! I adore all the new ways to open my mind.”

Senija Jelic considered that “meeting each other out of office through funny activities was very useful”, and also Tamara Sakota was really glad to have the opportunity to be involved in the first outdoor in Serbia: “I was surprised by the fact that we have so much complicity!”.

It has been a precious experience also for the newcomer Vesna Maric, who explained that “as I recently became the part of the company, I had no chance to meet people outside of work, at least not all of them, and in just one day I’ve learned more about them than in the last few months”.

Vesna pointed out that “learning while having fun is the idea I firmly believe in”, and Ana concluded that “it would be great if we could have similar encounters every 3 months!”.

As said by Jelena, “the outdoor reached its goal!”

And who knows what Neomobile’s training powers may organize next time!