Neomobile participated at 2016 Race for the Cure in Rome, and event organized by Komen Italia to raise awareness regarding breast cancer

Since the its inception, Neomobile has always had a great relationship with sports: we created our own Neomobile Sporting Club association, we organized many sporty events with colleagues, and we attended several marathons and races.

Recently, our three colleagues Alejandra Becerra, Roberto De Blasi, and Katia Della Posta participated at the Race for the Cure event in Rome, the world’s largest and most successful educational and fundraising event for breast cancer, where not only women but entire families, kids, and men gather every year: it is a three-day event organized by Komen Italia, and in this last edition it has been supported by more than 50.000 people! 100% sport, health and wellness for a good cause…not a simple running appointment!

As members of our Neomobile Sporting Club and as engaged citizens, Alejandra, Katia and Roberto run last Sunday May 15th: for the girls it has been the 1st time, but not for Roberto, who is an assiduous runner…it has been his 12th time!

How was the race and the environment?

For Roberto is a tradition: “it is an event that I try to attend every year. It is short but intense, in a unique landscape. Everything was pink! (the official color – editor’s note)”…and Alejandra added that “the race has a significant meaning behind it and it felt great to be part of it. There were people from all age ranges, also competitive runners, groups of friends, families with kids and even pets. Great atmosphere surrounded the area when the ”pink ladies”, women that suffer from breast cancer, were leading the start of the race”. Yes, the purpose is really important: “There were thousands of people willing to contribute to this cause”, added Katia: “ walking or running made no difference: the main purpose of the day was to demonstrate that together we can help the research.”

In general, sport is discipline and health, that’s why “I try to do physical activity at least 3 or 4 times a week”, says Roberto,  “it is mostly running early in the morning, but sometimes I also play beach volley with colleagues”. Alejandra declared that “I love doing exercise continuously, at least three times a week…either go to CrossFit, go for a swim, do yoga and/or go outdoor running…the important thing is to BE COMMITTED to have a healthy lifestyle and routines”. Katia has the same vision: “no matter how busy is my work day, I always find time to do sport: it is just a matter of mindset. ”

[By the way, check an easy tip from Alejandra for busy workers: “If you don’t have much time to exercise, walking long distances is always a good option!” ].

Sport has also a lot of points in common with business: “ The principles are the same both for sport and for work: ‘hurry up! and never give up!’ ”, stated Alejandra, “and training is essential to improve and maintain”. “Discipline, sense of responsibility and focus on goals”, that’s what sport and work life teach to Katia…without forgetting team spirit! And finally Roberto shared that “it is more fun to do sport with colleagues, because it improves and strengthens team spirit even at work.”

We are all so proud of you Neomobilers!

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