Neomobile Sporting Club: from the passion of mobile to the passion of sport


Latin used to say ‘mens sana in corporate sano’ (healthy brain in a healthy body), underlining the importance of the physical health for the mental one.

Today there are many companies that aim to have healthy employees. For this reason they create a series of activities to promote sports: agreement with gyms, swimming pools, game fields or they create corporate sport associations.

In this way they guarantee to colleagues the possibility to do some physical activities, creating also a natural environment to develop the team spirit and to do team building.

Americans companies are the most committed, being pioneers in this field trying to give a balance between  work and private life as fundamental for the mental and physical health of the employees.

What are the most requested activities?

In our Italian experience, for sure running is at the first place: people have the possibility to train individually and with other people then they can take part to the challenges together with their colleagues/ team members.

There are also soccer and volleyball that allow working in team and following the same goal.

Thanks to the suggestions of many ‘neomobilers’ passionate about sport, Neomobile decided to create its own sport association ‘Neomobile Sporting Club’. In few weeks, from running it was created also the female soccer team and the volley team.

As running team, Neomobilers already took part to many initiatives, wearing their personal Neomobile T-shirt, not only in Italy but also abroad in the cities where Neomobile has its own office. This was also the perfect occasion to meet colleagues from other countries.

Also the new teams of soccer and volley are ready to challenge other corporate teams in the following months. The basket team will be the next step for the Neomobile Sporting Club.

Stay tuned to know more about our success!