Check out our 1st Happy Hour Meet Up, a recruitment event organized at the HQ in Rome! Neomobile gave a company presentation and held informal job interviews all during an aperitif in the office!

On April 29th, 2015 the Company launched a unique recruitment event where our People Team selected top professional profiles who were ready to meet our Neomobilers, discover our business, see our office, and enjoy an aperitif. In other words: live the Neomobile experience!

Given our rennovated workspace, the Company really wanted to share a portion of it with prospective candidates by inviting them to meet our colleagues from different areas (Tech, Business, and Media) who were ready to welcome them at dedicated areas.

Therefore, all the attendees gathered in our relaxed area and started the proper Happy Hour Meet Up where even our Top Management participated, looking around and talking with some of the candidates.

The Happy Hour Meet Up was a great success from every point of view: organization, scheduling, audience and coordination.

When focusing on recruitment, being innovative means embracing new recruitment ideas, just like our HHMeetUp event.

Other companies like Facebook, with their entrepreneurial spirit and flat organization, plan their candidate interviews with a group of peers; while Twitter built a culture of recruiting into the entire organization: the whole company views recruiting as a high priority, their employees either reach out themselves to potential candidates or pass information on to the recruiting team, who then reach out; and Google looks for people who are good for the company in the long run, collecting feedback from multiple colleagues around the world, and then an independent committee of Googlers review feedback from all of the interviewers.

Neomobile’s recruitment strategy is always evolving, merging all innovative practices in order to become more appealing, effective, collaborative, smart, and even more social!

So, stay tuned! A second HHMeetUp edition will be organized soon: you won’t miss it, right?