Neomobile people: the most important asset


Continuous learning and improvement is not the first criteria people take into account when they are looking for a job, but for those who already work in Neomobile this is definitely one of the most important corporate values and it is also one of the most appreciated.

Neomobile attracts talents

There are currently about 300 young experts and fans of mobile technology who joined Neomobile. The Italian company founded only five years ago, is expanding day by day thanks to the undoubted ability of the management to attract and choose young people with the best quality and potential and to focus on their further career growth.

Not by chance Neomobile reached an international leading position in mobile entertainment and payment. In these years, the company founded by Gianluca D’Agostino has swept important awards and recognitions, not least the inclusion in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 that rewards the tech companies which have grown the most over the past 5 years.

Who is getting hired in Neomobile?

Neomobile is always looking for brilliant people, regardless of the study path. For example, 90% of employees earned a degree majoring in business & management, information technology, communication, law or languages ​​and design. Neomobile has offices scattered in different continents and in such an international and multicultural environment like this, English is the official language. Thus, English fluency is considered an important and essential skill to be considered for a position in Neomobile. Moreover, knowing and being fluent in any other language is considered an important asset.

Neomobile rewards merit

Another important fact that Neomobile highlights is that the company has a highly meritocratic environment, for this reason the average time for a job promotion is only 14 months: Talents are considered a plus that must be rewarded. Furthermore, the average age of Neomobile’s employees is very low: 31 years old for employees and an average age of 34 years old for managers.

Paths of improvement in Neomobile

The company’s growth is strongly guided by human resources and all internal processes are designed to foster the personal and professional development rapidly and dynamically. Each year Neomobile employees are evaluated on specific objectives and have the opportunity to grow professionally and economically. On the other hand this attention to its people allows the company to identify areas of training and improvement for its human resources. Until now twelve courses for the improvement of professional skills, seven courses to learn foreign language and ten courses to improve computer skills have been organized.

If you take into serious consideration to work in such a challenging environment and you are interested in developing your passion and love for the challenge, think about sending your resume: check all open positions in Neomobile and stay updated on Neomobile Job in Twitter!