Social media and technology are changing the whole hiring and recruiting field: newspapers and traditional boards gave way to new ways to attract the best profiles out there.

Neomobile is constantly experiencing new approaches: from the new and social Jobvite platform to the Happy Hour Meet Up as well as the collaboration with Meritocracy, there is no limit for an improved recruiting!

The HR key factors on which Neomobile will invest in 2016 is 100 % HIRING, because a good hire means working ‘less’ in the people management, in the training part, in the resolution of any possible conflicts”, says our People Director Enrica Lipari in the Meritocracy interview, so, following this direction, we recently partnered with Employerland, an innovative Italian social recruitment app that stands out in the gamification field.

Let’s introduce Employerland!

Born in 2013, Employerland is a virtual platform that gathers Attraction, Training and Employer Branding goals all in a single app. Through their virtual world, job seekers and followers can learn more about the history, values ​​and products of some of the most important companies, as well as check job vacancies. They can also play in a business game to test their competences as in a real job context. Find it on the app store (Apple o Android), download it and get to know us!  By the way, “the three characteristics that the ideal candidate for Neomobile should have are: passionate, brave, and authentic” says Enrica, so take note!


Finally, be ready because we will soon unveil Neomobile’s first app: an interactive way to challenge yourself and prove you are the candidate we are looking for! Stay tuned for more info…