Orientation Days at Neomobile

Orientation at Neomobile
Orientation at Neomobile

Your first days in a company are filled with lots of excitement and also lots of confusion. Despite the fact that most of us may even have some work experience, we’re pretty sure that many readers have felt these emotions at least once in their lives.

That’s why, since the beginning of Neomobile’s history, the company provides ‘Orientation days,’ a 3-day induction training at our HQ in Rome for all our newcomers, as the first initiation rite into the Neomobile life.

As the company grows, the training itself has evolved over the years: its original name was ‘Diffusion’ and it took place in 1 day. After a few months, a second part called ‘Inception’ was added in order to focus on the company’s business. Previously, the trainer was our corporate coach, Mauro Cuomo. Last year it became an in-house training split into 3 morning sessions managed by our People team in order to always keep it updated.

During our last edition, we collected some quotes from our newcomers. The 3 half-day sessions were divided into the following segments and included logic & puzzle games:

Day 1 – Diffusion: a general overview of our history and our values

Day 2 – Inception: introduction into our business and teams worldwide

Day 3 – Propulsion: a concrete view at the Neomobile processes and main tools

From the latest edition, Marco Faustinelli, Sr Developer from Onebip, appreciated “the logical subdivision and ordering of the matters,” while Stefano Matteucci, Media Process & Intelligence Jr Specialist, underlined that he, “…enjoyed learning more about values and how they are intended to characterize a job.

Playing the games as a fun way to break the ice really impressed both Riccardo Onorato, Multimedia & Graphic Jr Designer, and Martina Caldaroni, Office and Facilities Jr Specialist.

Furthermore, during the whole training process, many colleagues (and when possible the executive directors themselves or their delegates) contribute by explaining our business in person. In this way, they provide better information and they give our newcomers the opportunity to get to know them and their position within the company. A propos, Francesco Cusmai, D&BI Jr Analyst, shared that his, “favorite parts were both the values and ‘veteran neomobilers’ experience.

On the other hand, Martina says, “I really appreciated the opportunity to ask questions, to get inspired and learn from professionals.” That’s a good point because Neomobile always invites our employees to ask questions, even on their 1st day or during their Orientation, especially to our Top Management.

Romina Gallo, TM Assistant Specialist, pointed out that, “these days helped me complete the “Neopuzzle! I see this Company as a puzzle where everyone plays an important part!” and Antonello Bisciglia, who considered the training very interesting.

Finally, the Orientation also provides a great opportunity to socialize. That’s what Iolanda Li Calzi, Media Process & Intelligence Jr Specialist, says, “I really liked meeting the colleagues with whom I usually don’t work with.Antonio Boi, BSO Data Specialist, witnessed, “great team work and widespread enthusiasm.

Luca Filardo, our Media Process & Intelligence Jr Specialist, says, “This has been the first big step for my future life at Neomobile.

In the end, how can you make the most out of the training? Gianfranco Romito, our Payroll & HR Administration Jr Specialist, added says, “It’s simple. Take in Neomobile’s atmosphere as much as possible!

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