Neomobile presents a brand new corporate page on Meritocracy, Italian employer branding platform that helps you discover the best workplace, offices and benefits

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life“, Confucius said.

Finding your favorite job online is not always easy and mostly time-consuming, and at the same time checking it accurately is vital.

Apart from corporate websites, there are plenty of pages where to find info about a company, its culture, benefits and vacancies. Meritocracy is one of these portals, and we set a partnership with it to let us stand out in the job market worldwide!

Who is Meritocracy?

It is an Italian employer branding platform that gathers companies and job seekers, showcasing the best jobs and companies to improve their branding and attract the best candidates. Founded in 2013 by two young entrepreneurs, the start-up recently received also conspicuous new investment in order to expand their network and impact.

What can you find in our Company page here?

As you may see, the page shows

  • the main open positions;
  • corporate information;
  • our benefit package;
  • three Neomobilers profiles, Aurora Attanasio from Tech, Riccardo Onorato from Corporate Communication, and Massimo Pannacciulli from Media, just to meet them more closely

Definitely a quick&useful inside-the-company overview!

Got Neomobile’s taste? Now it’s your turn: apply now! And don’t forget to visit our HQ too!