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The Mobile marketplace represents an active and evolving industry, with a strong positive impact on the digital economy, in both emerging and advanced economies.

According to our recent post on the State of the Mobile and App Economy in Italy, the Mobile industry is showing an important growth in terms of value:  it is currently estimated at €25 billion, but experts predict that by 2016 it will be worth €40 billion, arriving at 2 % of the GDP. That means that digital companies really have the chance to create new job positions, and in the context of a worsening employment crisis,  it sounds like really good news.

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Nowadays, the world of recruitment is changing, the recruiter-candidate relationship is evolving, and the potential for LinkedIn and other social platforms to be the best channels in the employee recruiting strategy increases every day. In detail, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest online professional network, and its traffic has grown exponentially, becoming a valuable place to efficiently find high-quality candidates and, as a company, to showcase your unique brand and culture, using images, videos, employee testimonials and rich content.

In Neomobile, we believe in high-potential talents worldwide and we invest in them by constantly hiring new young and motivated candidates. We directly cultivate the relationship with them offering new job experiences in our business areas and providing frequently updated information about our industry, as well as engaging content. That’s why this year we decided to count on LinkedIn as an interactive and international platform – and our reach expands every day!

Now, our LinkedIn career page has a new suite of features, such as a blogging tool, 9 job slots (three ‘job slot college’ for students and new graduated, and six job slots for all the seniorities), a Gold Career Page with international custom content, both in Italian and in English, and a news feed.

It clearly shows who we are and why we strongly believe in Mobile opportunities.

HR Sr Manager Enrica Lipari and HR Partnership Jr Specialist Sara Riggi couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the expanded recruitment possibilities with LinkedIn…

Why did Neomobile focus on this job board? Why did you decide to invest on LinkedIn as a new recruitment strategy? Sara: In the latest years LinkedIn is exponentially expanding its footprints especially in Europe, both in terms of users and services: it transformed itself from the fastest growing professional network to the must-have leading portal for recruitment, and it has also become  a display window to efficiently showcase companies and brands. It is also a powerful corporate brand building tool, more than a personal branding one.

Our recruiting strategy is focused not only on Italy but also on LatAm and the rest of the world, so LinkedIn really looks like the most international platform.

How is the world of recruitment changing?

Enrica: LinkedIn offers to jobseekers the chance to properly display experiences, details and personal ambitions, but it also gives the opportunity to create and leverage a professional network in the easiest and most social possible way: sharing content, adding profiles, giving likes etc

From recruiters’ side, we consider it has a more various target compared to other job boards, in fact lately many students and recent graduates joined it while a few years ago only professionals did. This young target paved the way to develop new tools and functions: for example, we bought the so-called ‘job college slots’, in other words job posts only dedicated to college student internships and entry level jobs for graduates.

What are today’s job hunters looking for? Who’s the perfect candidate for Neomobile?

Sara: In the Mobile Industry, being active on social networks indicates that you have passion for all things mobile & digital. The recruitment of candidates on social platforms indicates that its actual users are proactive and interested in digital and tech, regardless of the open positions. We are looking for telecommunication, web, digital, media and business talents.

Enrica: Today social profiles catch the attention of headhunter, and they can even affect the hiring process. As for Neomobile and every digital company, it’s important to develop your active social presence: it’s a plus for us!

Neomobile’s tips: any suggestion to improve a LinkedIn profile and get noticed?

Sara: In order to make a good CV (your personal LinkedIn profile is actually a CV!) our first tip is to be concise; then if you’re interested in an international job experience make sure you have your profile in English, and avoid multiple language profiles. Furthermore, add a short description of your main duties and main achievements in your job experience display. The more completed your profile is, the better it is, and you will greatly increase your chances of being noticed!

Enrica: I would suggest to avoid getting in touch with recruiters themselves: direct contact could be seen as bypassing the rules. As an alternative I recommend to observe the recruiter’s profile (a softer mode to approach him), and make sure you know as much as there is to know about the company and its activities (check company’s official channels).

Finally, check our HR partners’ first tip for a good job search: if you care about your career, then try not only to be on LinkedIn, but also to have a profile as detailed as possible! And don’t forget to pay attention to your CV (How to make or break your CV?).

We wish you all the best in your career!