Job Recruitment in Latin America: Neomobile’s People Director Tells All!



A spotlight on job recruitment in Latin America: Neomobile’s interview with Neomobile’s People Director, Enrica Lipari

The mobile industry is continuously growing and changing, as well as the world of recruitment behind it. Latin America (LatAm ) is the world’s third largest mobile market region by volume (check out this article on Brazilian digital landscape ). Neomobile has made it a priority to invest in young and motivated mobile enthusiasts worldwide. It’s no coincidence that Neomobile has offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Mexico City, Mexico; and Bogotà, Colombia.

So, what talent scouting strategies are being used in Latin America? Enrica Lipari, our People Director, lifts the veil on this dynamic process.

Read about the recruitment strategies Neomobile uses to hire the best candidates in Latin America, in Italian!

Mobile industry expansion & young professionals: tell us about the scenario in Central and South American countries.

[quote_box_center]As we all know, the mobile industry in LatAm has expanded enormously, powered by the boom of smartphones and feature phones. The sales increased especially among young people, so many young professionals are likely to seek digital and mobile companies as their first work experiences: furthermore, given that we have formed successful connections with numerous recent graduates in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, the average age in our LatAm offices is around 28 years old. This is a positive aspect for employees because it means that we are offering career opportunities starting at a very young age. Dynamism and internationality are exactly what scouters are looking for.[/quote_box_center]

How is the local recruitment network organized?

[quote_box_center]Our biggest success is based on our close relationship with the territory, analyzing local markets and labor trends. On HR’s side, it’s the only way to provide high-quality candidates, so every HR partner has a thorough and updated understanding of the countries. We manage the recruitment process at 360° covering social media, virtual job events, or university placements. Neomobile focuses on the international selection process. In fact, the online interview via Skype is a routine at Neomobile. It’s useful and it has time saving benefits. In any case, we try to stimulate each candidate during every job interview, discovering their ambitions and potential attitudes towards business.[/quote_box_center]

In general, what are the main characteristics that a candidate should have?

[quote_box_center]First impressions are crucial! We consider education, skills and personality. Motivation and an international approach are also fundamental.  We evaluate the level of English because it’s our company’s official language – but of course any other language is favorable too! It’s also about details, for example: if the candidate is interested in an international job experience and his LinkedIn profile is in English it’s a good point, and in general it’s also important to develop an active social presence.[/quote_box_center]

Continuous learning and improvement is one of our corporate values: how do you manage employees’ growth?

[quote_box_center]Personal and professional growth starts from the very beginning. The HR partner in charge, together with the team members, managers and mentors, follow each newcomer’s steps and evolutions, and they help a person’s development process through costumed training and soft skill courses, hard skills, and corporate knowledge. Our in-house experience is also shared between colleagues themselves, and a great example of this internal knowledge is Neomobile’s tutorship project, where every new entry gets assigned to a tutor (a senior and experienced colleague) who helps with the newcomer’s integration.[/quote_box_center]

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