Running & Business Activities: A Sporty Metaphor


Introducing Neomobile’s International Running Teams: Running a business just took on a new meaning!

Perseverance, resilience, courage, empathy, open-mindedness, problem solving, performance, endurance, self-confidence: in one word, running. Have you ever reflected on the similarities between running and business activities? In fact running doesn’t just help you to stay fit and healthy, it builds your character each day, developing many positive character traits, useful in your daily work life.

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Seen that Neomobile has many determined runners, we wanted to reflect on these similarities, together with Anna Maria Testa, Neomobile’s HR Partnership Manager, and as president of the Neomobile Sporting Club, also addicted to running.

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1)   Set and Achieve Goals

It’s so important to have a goal you can visualize. First, focus on the context within which your decisions can be made: There’s no business plans or objectives without a vision, and no vision without a guideline and a passion.

Anna: “No constitution and attitude, no success. You could be very skilled at work, but if you haven’t lateral thinking or a focused approach or even passion itself, you’re not going to make it.”

Then, set your mind on a goal, work hard to prepare, learn to stay focused, and push through to achieve. Motivation is what gets you started. You tie your shoes, you head out the door, and you run. If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done! Work patiently towards your goal, nothing can help you with goals like persistence, consistency, discipline and determination.

Anna: “I figure that if I start running thinking ‘ok, today I will run 5 km’, then I’ll run 5 km, not less. A positive mindset, that positive attitude of achieving a goal, of persecuting an objective (not pursuing it!) is everything.”

2)   Face issues

Instead of quitting and running away when things get rough, stay focused and determined and learn how to adapt and adjust. Over-reacting to a crisis makes it worse. Running teaches that adversity is better faced than avoided.

Anna: “I learnt to stay concentrated, to hold on when difficulties come. Running is discipline. Morning workouts before heading to the office give me more energy: I’m more active, strong and intuitive. It’s all about routine. It’s like in your job: at first you deal with new things and new intense activities, then you realize how important they are and how good they made you. Running is their best thinking time too, it helps keeping things in perspective.

3)   Inspire others by challenging ourselves

Telling your partners and colleagues about your successes and failures could motivate them to be more pro-active, both in training and in daily work life. Then, building a support team or a community of runners can make training fun and easier. Expand your tribe! When you’re sharing with someone else, the miles may go by pretty quickly.

Anna: “I am used to running alone but many people consider it a team sport. It’s a team sport when you support someone in a difficult moment, you gaze your running partner during a hill climb.”

At the end of it all, there is the finish line. A place to pause, reflect, breath, celebrate, and the right occasion to balance and focus on the next steps.

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Company Sports Team Reus Neomobile
Company Sports Team Reus Neomobile
Neomobile Running Team
Neomobile Running Team