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BitMap, a network that covers the world of Information & Communication Technology, recently dedicated  an insight on our company and our Human resources strategies.

In just 7 years Neomobile has grown from a Startup, with just 12 mobile enthusiasts, to a global Mobile commerce Group with 300 employees and 14 offices worldwide.

This relentless growth was followed by a carefully designed human capital management, which is the main focus of BitMap’s article, including the interview with our HR Manager, Enrica Lipari, that we bring here, in its English version.


Neomobile was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of a TelCo company. Since then, the path has been marked by rapid growth and, through a series of acquisitions, the company has become an international player in the field of mobile entertainment and mobile payment. In partnership with mobile operators, the company offers a wide range of innovative products, both downloadable or in the cloud. The interactive digital content and services developed and marketed are accessible to a wide range of devices: feature phones, smartphones, PCs and tablets.

The most distinctive feature: dynamism

What characterizes Neomobile is a relentless growth that, since 2007, has been followed by an organizational context where the employees, with a very young average age, have always been a subject to rotation and mobility, even to the company’s foreign offices.

This dynamic scenario is guided by an HR department in Rome, with a staff of ten people, that manages all the organizational functions.

“The group used Excel as a main tool to manage human resources. This resulted in a series of critical errors that impacted  the overall efficiency of HR’s processes”, begins Enrica Lipari, HR Manager at Neomobile.

Therefore the company felt the need to identify a software solution that was able to accelerate the processes and free up resources to be used in activities with higher added value.

 The criteria of selection

We evaluated some integrated solutions which, however, did not satisfy the requirements of flexibility. “While being complete, these software were  highly rigid, which meant we had to adapt our processes to the it, which was not possible due to the dynamic nature of our organization”, notes Lipari.

Neomobile found everything that it searched for in Cezanne OnDemand, which not only met the specific needs of the organization, but also did not have any constraints that would somehow hamper the flexibility of internal processes.

Among the features that influenced this choice is the simplicity, in both the implementation and usage phase, combined with the flexibility that allows the introduction of customized solutions. “Of course, it was also particularly appreciated the way in which consumption is perfectly suited to our dynamics,” notes Enrica Lipari. With CezanneOnDemand, in fact, you simply pay a monthly subscription fee based on the actual number of employees in service during the month.

Another important aspect is the support in the start-up phase of the project. “During the initial phase of the project, and in the later stages, we received all the requested support with professional and skilled staff of Cezanne,” said Neomobile’s HR Manager. The mobile commerce group has implemented all HR software modules in the Cezanne cloud: from basic personnel information to the performance assessment modules.

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