Willing to visit our beautiful HQ, checking every detail, having a brief walk in the corridors, and getting an insight into it? Is your curiosity booming month by month? Want to familiarize with our company and Neomobilers in Rome? Well, we now satisfy all your requests with an exclusive virtual tour of our main office!

That’s exactly what Neomobile proudly made available, an exclusive Google View visit to our innovative HQ that is the envy of the world: all you need is a PC!

The idea of make our HQ accessible came from our colleague Annalisa Giangregorio from our Corporate Communication Team, who contacted Google and received all the info. Easy, peasy: two photographers came and during two days photographed all the areas. From meeting rooms to open spaces and Comfort Zone, the whole HQ has been unveiled.

You will find a great workplace, full of benefits such as an equipped kitchen, a relaxation area, locker rooms and showers, phone booths, a ping pong table, and so much more.

And now? Check Neomobilers’ desks by yourself…visit the great Board Room…have a look at all the signatures in front of our reception! In one click!

Click here and start your Google journey…And if you want to be the next candidate sitting next to us in one of our desks apply now!