Neomobile Holds Employee Training Week in Mexico

Neomobile training week in Mexico City

As you might have noticed, ‘Continuous Learning and Improvement’ is one of our key Values in Neomobile.

We believe that training is a long-term investment and try to make sure that each individual can participate at the training sessions usually organized at our HQ in Rome, Italy. But when the participants are on the other side of the world, it becomes a little more difficult to guarantee this for everyone, especially for the offices in Latin America.

But difficult doesn’t have to mean impossible. If Neomobilers can’t come to the HQ, this year Neomobile made sure that the training sessions got to them!

From November 10-14, the Mexican office was the central hub for our training mission! For the first time in Neomobile history, we met there with the Mexican, Brazilian and Colombian teams. All employees from junior positions to country managers, were invited.

We provided them with a series of training sessions that we feel are essential to improve their work experience.

The participation at the trainings was based on the time and level withinin the company and in program, were: The Orientation (our introduction to the company for new Neomobilers), Time&Priority (how to manage yourself through time), Well Formed Outcomes (how to set targets), Good Management (how to foster your attitudes and behaviors as managers toward your people), Lab Profiling (individual sessions for individual reinforcement), but also group activities like a Business Case, group challenges and a closing lunch with everyone.

All participants were guided by our Corporate Coach, Mauro Cuomo, with the support of People Sr Manager, Enrica Lipari, and Training & HR Communication Sr Specialist Carmen Brauns, and we even had a visit from our COO and co-founder Claudio Rossi, who seized the occasion to participate in some sessions and get to know our latest new arrivals better.

It turned out to be a very intense week, asking not only a lot of effort from our colleagues to combine work with training but also to collaborate together sharing the same office space.

But what was initially a challenge, turned out to be an amazing and unique moment for knowledge enrichment, personal development and team spirit! Not only did most of them have the opportunity to get to know a new culture, but people – that usually work together – have been given the opportunity to share info, ideas and best practices also in an informal way.

We can’t wait to repeat this experience next year and throughout our other regions!

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