5 days, several events, many different people, 1 unique Company!

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn” is a famous Chinese proverb that perfectly fits with Neomobile’s perspective, recently communicated and reinforced by our Top Management in one key message for our Neomobilers: “we will make the most in order to strengthen Neomobile as ‘Learning Organization’ because we are convinced that this is the only way to win and foster continuous improvement.”

The 1st Learning Week at the HQ that ended a few days ago was a success, gathering several colleagues from offices abroad, sharing knowledge in different ways, celebrating internal projects, receiving partners, and enjoying sport activities all together.

Let’s proceed by order: the week started with our Country Managers, Sr Managers and Top Management who began our traditional business review that lasted three half days; then it has been the open workshops’ turn too, a precious occasion where many different colleagues from different teams listened to varied sessions, divided by topics: definitely a great example of shared knowledge and transparency.

According to Riccardo Onorato, Multimedia & Graphic Jr Designer, who joined all the sessions, “I really appreciated the fact of knowing some projects better from who thought them, the active ‘players’, so their reason why, their choices…” while Francesco Ceccarini and Giulia Rosati, the latest 2 newcomers from BI team, stated that “it has been very useful and interesting for us who recently joined Neo”. Tamara Dello Buono, from Finance team, commented that “I found them very interesting, especially because in my daily job I only see numbers! I had the chance to be updated on business from different points of view”, and Cansin Tuna, from Country Turkey, said that “Learning week has been very intensive, and for me it was very interesting and helpful for sure. To be together with the colleagues from different countries helped me to understand that the problems or issues I have, could be somebody else’s problem also, and it taught me that the solution is sharing ideas and experiences. Also this week helped us to meet with our work partners face-to-face and I appreciate it because it let us to discuss and improve our work in general”. On the other side, Daniela Cecchinelli, who was one of our speakers, considered that “the audience was numerous, and people also thanked us for sharing contents in an easy and clear way. Well, they even expected to do something practical!”

During the week we also organized marketing meetings with our main adv partners and intense training sessions both with our corporate coach Mauro Cuomo and our Agile Coaches.

The evenings were mainly about sport: in particular, football and beach volley ruled!

The whole week finally ended on Friday, 24th with music and relax, or our Summer Urban Party in the HQ! The brand new format included an outdoor jam session with some Neomusicians as well as brave karaoke singers and djs. The atmosphere was electric!

Definitely the perfect week to live the summer season! Check out the super related video below!