The Walk Towards Neomobile’s New Headquarters


The Walk towards a new Neomobile”, these were the only words mentioned in the save-the-date that arrived a few weeks ago in the inbox of all Neomobilers located in Neomobile’s HQ in Rome.

[This article is also available in Italian]

Well, due to weather circumstances the walk actually became a bus ride, but the concept stayed the same: create an occasion to lift a corner of the veil and show our colleagues a glance of their not-so-far-away-future workplace and Neomobile’s new headquarters.

Our Top Management wanted to share the newly selected location, so they opened the doors to the new office for everyone.

The CEO himself, Gianluca D’Agostino, together with CFO Alessandro Leone and COO Claudio Rossi, showed the new building and answered questions and listened to suggestions.

«Our new workspace will allow us to work in a more dynamic and integrated way, and it will express the right balance between concentration, communication, entertainment spaces and relax areas», said D’Agostino, adding also that the new headquarters «will lead to a more instinctive and natural collaboration between colleagues».

In the 7 years following Neomobile’s start-up, we have grown quite a bit, reinforcing our team with more than 250 resources worldwide, the majority of which are located in our headquarters in Rome.

When we realized in 2013 that we started to grow out of our environment, quite literally, we realized that is was time to look for a new place!

Neomobile Employees walk towards new HQ location
Neomobile Employees walk towards new Headquarters location in Rome, Italy.
Neomobile Top Management reveal new HQ location
Neomobile Top Management reveal new HQ location

«It’s time to move back to our roots», commented D’Agostino, «and this change will help to simplify processes and system flows, and will require our teams to get closer».

So, our attitude as Neomobilers, as true ambassadors of this change, is definitely important to build a new culture.


We strongly believe in a place that not only could offer a healthy and vital environment where our people have a place to grow and flourish. By breaking down the walls and creating a collaborative environment with open space and a modern structures,we are representing the global leader that Neomobile has become.

But the adventure has only just begun. Plans have been made, a lot of work needs to be done, many people need to be organized, but the result will be worth the effort!