Mobile World Congress is one of the mobile industry’s largest events, and it takes place every year in Barcelona, Spain. Its success is constant, and this year 90.000+ attendees experienced and checked out the latest mobile trends. Don’t forget to check out Neomobile’s highlights.

At Neomobile we try to give as many colleagues as possible an occasion to participate at this major event and get some on-the-field experience, so they can become experts in the mobile industry!

We’ve got the latest scoop on what our Neomobilers experienced this year at the mobile industry’s hottest event. Learn about their experience at MWC 2015, below!

Why is MWC an event you don’t want to miss?

Flavio Pallotti, our Region Europe Director, explains that “it’s where the industry’s innovators show new products and discuss technological evolutions. For us it’s an important chance to gather with all our major partners and stakeholders in the very same place.” One example of its great attraction is that “Every year, the event is bigger and now companies that come from other industries participate at the congress: this year even GoPro was at the event,” adds Luca Ceccon, Neomobile’s Agreement & Reporting Sr Specialist.

From a communicative point of view, our Editor & Social Media Sr Specialist, Marija Kovac, underlines that “MWC is the heart of the mobile universe, and it’s a place to be if you are ‘addicted’ to mobile technology. Even though it’s a unique celebration of digital culture, it proves that networking still works great face to face. For Neomobile it’s a great opportunity to showcase our offer, strengthen existing partnerships and create new ones. It is also an amazing way for Neomobilers to grasp the immensity and intensity of mobile innovation”.         

Many years have passed since the 1st MWC, and every year brings something new.

Luca explains that “This year’s MWC was bigger even though once again Apple and Android did not participate” and Marija gives more details: “This was my 4th event and I have to admit it has grown so much, in terms of physical space, number of exhibitors and also content. While 4 years ago it was all about Android and Google’s presence (with their own Hall!) today it’s all about the digital content, wearables and hi tech gadgets.”

Neomobile also tries to rotate different types of employees, giving a wide variety of colleagues the opportunity to attend the MWC event.  Neomobilers at the MWC: “This year was my first time,” says Annalisa Giangregorio, Graphic Sr Designer for the Corporate Communications Team, “it was my third time working on the layout and design of our open stand (Hall 8.1 – App Planet) and meeting room (Hall 6). The added value has been to see this mobile revolution directly. Being there a few days before the event, I appreciated how fast companies built up their stands. It was unbelievable!”

Regarding the stands, Teresa Strazza, Marketing Manager, adds that “this year the difference was the addition of our new stand, we got many contacts and we had the opportunity to be more visible.”

What were the expectations, and what was Neomobile’s experience on site?

“What is different is my personal experience at the event,”says Flavio, “Year after year, I am more capable of getting the most of it.” Marija says, “Being on the corporate communication team, I have the rare privilege to see ‘MWC Behind the scenes’. It’s incredible to see how the Fira transforms itself. And it never fails my expectations, maybe it even overcomes them.”

Getting in touch with an enormous network made of partners, customers, and companies is a huge part of this convention. Annalisa explains, “As a graphic designer, I didn’t exactly have ‘business encounters,’ but seeing my colleagues dealing with new partners was really interesting. Some people asked about the designers who worked on our stand… I was so happy and proud of the job that Riccardo Onorato, our Multimedia & Graphic Jr Designer, and I were able to do!”

From a business point of view, Flavio says, “I had the chance to meet some of our existing partners as well as some new potential ones with whom we might start something very soon.”

Marija says, “This year we had interesting meetings with MEF TV, who also interviewed our CEO. The Paypers, one of the biggest digital payments news websites, and Futurecom, the biggest ITC event in LatAm, to name some of them, and they will be very useful for our 2015 activities.”

In the end, “Meetings are just a starting point to analyze our new possible opportunities in the following weeks,” says Luca.

Regarding this year’s mobile trends, what was the coolest thing discovered in Barcelona this year?

Flavio says: “wearables, big data and (a bit less but starting to grow) the internet of things. I found LG’s wearables, especially watches, very cool and I might buy one soon!”

Marija says: “One of the trends I’m interested in seeing evolve is the Internet of Things, including connected cars and homes, and artificial intelligence.”

Teresa says: “I wanted everything!”

Hopefully we’ll see you next year at MWC 2016 in Barcelona!

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