Neomobile thinks that team sports at work are an awesome idea, so we offer them as a benefit for our Neomobilers worldwide. From the body to the mood, their benefits are visible and applicable to everyone!

Let’s find out more about playing sports again, especially within your organization itself. How many advantages are there?


There is plenty of good scientific evidence that being physically active helps people lead healthier lives, so we won’t bother you with millions of reports. Just consider that more than just being good for your physical health, sports are also great for building character, lifting your mood, and improving the concentration levels. It’s all about the Work-life balance, remember?

Team Spirit

What’s better than getting some quality time while also building strong relationships with the people you have to spend the majority of your days with? Usually, corporate sporty groups are composed of members from many different teams, so do something different and mix up the environment! It improves communication among team members and breaks down eventual hierarchical boundaries. As a participant, you never know who you might meet; as an organizer, you never know where a colleague’s engagement might land.


As we already mentioned, have you ever reflected on the similarities between sports and business activities? In fact, both of them

  • require certain attitudes
  • use strategies and tactics
  • take concentration
  • optimize time

Basically, what you can learn from sports it’s very useful in your daily work life.

By the way, perspicacious counts: if you create your own sporty group or you just join an existing one, it will prove your initiative and leadership skills, which are key traits that bosses look for!

Finally, if your company doesn’t have a team set up already or you don’t have enough energy to create sporty groups, don’t worry: join Neomobile!