Choosing the right benefits for good welfare is an important decision for a company because they influence the working life of the employees. That’s why Neomobile provides and guarantees many types of compensation. There’s something for everyone!

Every month, we showcase one of our employee benefits: this month it’s time to see why internal contests are productive as well as rewarding! Are you curious?

Boost motivation

In every work environment, the real golden rule is to keep employees motivated: it leads to productivity, high moral and renewed team spirit. Since adults in general love games that help them to break up the monotony of the workday and have a little fun, internal contests are a great solution.

In Neomobile’s case, one of the best examples is the Voice of Neo Contest: we asked our colleagues ‘why Neomobile is a great place to work’, we gathered all the feedbacks expressed in many different ways (from drawings to videos), and finally we selected the best ones!

The 2013 winner won a trip to Brazil, visiting one of our offices…but rewards don’t necessarily need to cost much! Use your creativity! And it’s even more fun if the winner get announced during corporate events or parties!


Many companies use gamification platforms to drive learning and develop skills.

Given that KPI’s rule Neomobile as unique and specific key performance indicators, we launched an original KPI virtual competition: from Business to Product, Tech and Financial, everything a Neomobiler would love to know is there! Another example: finance for dummies? There you go, Neomobile’s SAVE the EBITDA contest, the most fun way to better understand corporate costs and improving actions.

Team work

The title of the article is “internal contests”: well, the adjective “internal” tells it all!

In fact contests are also a good way to foster team work by organizing employees in teams or just enjoying spontaneous collaborations (competition should remain friendly and should not damage employee relations, of course!), or they may be helpful to know each other better.

Considering one of our corporate benefits, foosball matches are also a sort of super funny internal contest, as well as an energetic way to take a break and enjoy Neomobile’s roman HQ.

Finally, our Neomobile’s Sporting Club embodies it all – we plan weekly female football matches, or some marathons around the city…so…what else?!

Now, what does gamification mean in your experience? Do you dare to send your CV and start your adventure in Neomobile? Apply now!