Neomobile looks at the employee benefit that Neomobilers worldwide often use to help them grow as international business professionals: language courses.

As we already affirmed, our company takes pride in offering job benefits that make our employees’ lives easier. Providing many types of compensation to our employees is a priority, that’s why we decided to dedicate a specific focus to them every month. In January, it was free coffee, now it’s time for Foreign Languages!

Internationality & Language Courses

Neomobile is an international company with 12 offices worldwide and businesses all around the world. Foreign languages are one of the entry prerogatives to start a career at Neo and perform your best. For starters, English is our official language, but any others are definitely a plus (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, or German… just to name a few). Our Neomobilers actually come from 17 different countries!

Being able to connect with others – suppliers, partners, customers and colleagues – helps a business blossom, but, above all, it enriches your life. Our People team is in charge of organizing and providing training courses to fill any possible gap or reinforce our colleagues’ skills.

New experiences

If you’re looking for some challenges in your life, try a foreign language! At Neomobile we often offer country rotations to some of our colleagues, so being familiar with other languages and cultures may direct you towards new experiences.

Social life

Events, workshops, corporate parties: any occasion may turn into an opportunity! Have you ever come across an international social event, or even travelling, and you didn’t utter a word? Being able to speak other languages avoids uncomfortable situations for sure, but it especially helps taking the most out of them and opening new perspectives! We’re not saying that you have to be super advanced from the beginning (a pro level is a matter of practice and experience) but it’s all about throwing yourself into the adventure, and the first step is the most important one!

Open mindedness

It has been generally acknowledged that language skills can make you open-minded, a better multi-tasker and decision-maker, or simply a sign of smartness. It’s about selling oneself in this fierce job market and impress people around you! Time to roll up your sleeves!

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Have you mastered a few languages yourself? Why don’t you try applying for one of Neomobile’s opportunities: our Open Positions!