According to Neomobile, employees country rotation inside a Company is a win-win situation, both for the worker and the company, so we offer it as a benefit to some of our colleagues. Why? It is a way to stimulate employees with an incomparable possibility, broaden their skill sets, share the know-how and added value, maximize the career, and enrich their experience.

In Neomobile’s case, our internal mobility is set worldwide around our 12 offices, divided between relocations and secondments.

From East to West and from North to South, in Neomobile we have many of these cases, so below we collected some of them to let our protagonists speak for themselves! Check out some of our best interviews!

At the time of her feedback, Antonella Belluomo, Business Operations Manager in Paris, explained that “at HQ, I always kept the same role (more or less), working to support the business and the operations of the local Spanish team, often travelling to the Madrid office. Now instead, I am exactly on the other side: I am part of the local French team. This is a very good experience for me because it forced me to reverse the working method I had developed over the last years and re-adapt my capabilities to different needs, timing and requirements”. In her case, “the challenge was not just about changing country, office, and life, but also learning about a new business region, new colleagues, new language, new culture and new habits”.

In addition, Pamela Velasquez, our Business Operations Sr Specialist who moved from Colombia to Brazil, declared: “my last two years has been characterized by constant change. The project of opening a new office (the Colombian one – editor’s note) includes more challenges than you may imagine. Being part of it, enabled me to learn a lot and to feel my positive contribution to the company. Off course I miss my Colombian colleagues, but I’m very happy with this change.” Having lived the similar experience of building a new office from scratch, Sara Lusi, Marketing Specialist in Koln, says that “my job helped and encouraged me to see my multi-identity as an added value, not like something unidentifiable. I truly believe that the more you are willing to challenge yourself, the more satisfaction you will get.” Deepening her story, we find out that “when Neomobile proposed to move to Germany for the opening of our local office, I accepted immediately. There have been several exciting projects, but honestly, bringing our business into a new market has been the real challenge here.”

Not only women in Neomobile, now it’s the turn of our Mexican colleague Juan Cuellar, who today works as Iberian Countries Sr Manager at our office in Madrid, Spain, but started as Sr Business Operations Specialist in México & Central America, without forgetting his experience in Rome HQ: “working in a company like Neomobile allows me to have a global perspective about the industry: trends, markets, competitors, and the best practices all around the world. It goes without saying that working with such an international company has deeply enriched my work experience, Neomobile is different compared to other companies because it makes its employees a priority, encouraging them to grow, and for me this is very valuable.

The most challenging part of this kind of experiences? The answer is basically unanimous: “learning about the different features of this country and quickly reacting to new situations. In general, the fact of being out of my comfort zone, which is very interesting for me”, concludes Pamela.

Finally, stay connected with us: in the next days another fresh interview will be published… And always keep an eye on our latest vacancies to live the Neomobile’s experience!