Our creative team at Shape Your Head workshop


Working in a dynamic environment in one of the most innovative tech areas requires constant growth and improvement of both professional skills and personal ones. For this reason, Continuous learning and improvement is one of our values ​​that represents us the most as we face the creative challenges on daily basis.

On October 17 we attended the workshop Shape your Head in Milan, organized in collaboration with Inside Training, as a part of Creativity Day, held in Rome in September. The workshop was coordinated by Federico Landini and Jonathan Calugi, two designers who turned their passion for the creative work into a real profession.



This event gathered designers who want to learn how different forms can be used creatively in design and typography, with the objective of designing a modular system applicable to various creative solutions.

The workshop was structured in a very simple way: a quick introductory part consisted of a few but clear design examples (drawn from architecture of typography) and the rest of the day was devoted to the “creative laboratory“. The goal was to learn the design based on modular forms: each working group had a  vector file with a few simple forms and colour palette and then each group focused on a different brief: the purpose was to obtain one visual concept using only forms and colours chosen from the start.

Having just few available forms at our disposition, of course, limited the design possibilities but improved  the creative ones, since the focus was on the development of the concept itself. Often the method of creating graphics is just browsing billions of vector libraries without having the clear objective, while this system allows you to create everything you need in a functional way on your own.

A very interesting side of the workshop was the process: we have been organized in mini workshops, nobody had worked together previously, and we all came from different backgrounds, with different experiences. It  was interesting mixture of ideas and techniques to be applied in just a few hours of work, and the results were exciting and absolutely amazing.

The brief was given to us shortly after the brainstorming, thus assuring than nobody was “prepared” or conditioned by the subject, starting from the same point at the same time. Everyone created elements and proposed creative ideas that have been appreciated by Federico and Jonathan as well as all the participants. This workshop was helpful for our personal growth, encouraging thinking and creating in an environment quite different from the usual one, with experts in different fields, that inspired us to expand our knowledge.


Mariarosaria Calò

Graphic & Web Designer

Marika Milano

Multimedia Designer