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Like many of our talented employees at Neomobile, Pamela Velasquez has grown as a professional and changed her role within the company. Today she works as a Marketing Sr Specialist at our office in São Paulo, Brazil. The following interview takes place during her previous role as a Business Operations Specialist. We hope you enjoy reading about her experience!

Interview with Pamela Velasquez: our Business Operations Specialist tells us about her country rotation to Brazil

Lately all eyes are on Brazil due to its growing economy and the fact that it is the host of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This week we are pleased to introduce you to another of our young professionals around the world: the Colombian Business Operations Specialist, Pamela Velasquez, and her great job experience: a challenging country-rotation to Neomobile’s Brazilian office after spending only one year in Neomobile’s Colombian office- an amazing occasion for a blooming business woman.

Enjoy the read!

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What is your job position at Neomobile and what are your main activities inside the company? 

[quote_box_center]PV: I like this job position because it’s a bridge between the Tech Team, Carrier and Marketing Team, where all the areas may interact for pursuing the company profitability. In specific, my activity inside the company is to constantly monitor the billing performance and look for optimizations on the platform to ensure the best ARPU and user life cycle.[/quote_box_center]

How did you end up at Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]PV: After two years in Italy studying my Masters Degree on Engineering Management, I returned to Colombia to look for my first job experience. Neomobile published an offer in my University’s data base that interested me. I sent my CV and then started the selective process. My first interview was via Skype and the second in a hotel – Nothing similar to any other process I’ve done.[/quote_box_center]

What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

[quote_box_center]PV: Surely, the most interesting project I’ve worked on at Neomobile, was being part of the creation of Neomobile’s Colombian office.[/quote_box_center]

What is your experience in the mobile commerce sector? How do you see its future?


PV: All the experience I have was developed here in Neomobile. I see the future of Mobile characterized by several rapid changes. Mobile will be the main tool for communication. It will also be the main source of information for both users and companies. The users will obtain all the information needed through their mobile (and I don’t say ‘phone’ since it may change easily to a more ‘wearable’ technology as glasses, phones, clocks, rings or something completely new).

Thinking futuristically, the users will have the possibility to know about their houses, their kids, their health and all the possible information they may imagine. Companies will obtain even more information about customers since the Mobile is carried in every single moment and to every single place, so companies may track the complete life (frequent places, time when awake, etc).

Additionally, using this big amount of information available, the ‘mobile’ will be a tool that could be used to buy milk when your fridge is running out of milk or booking a blood exam if some symptoms are present. In general, I think that the possibilities are infinite and the changes may be reached by ‘listening’ to the users and observing and analyzing their routines. But… let’s have a coffee to speak more about it!


You are a clear example of internationality and dynamism because you started working in Colombia when Neomobile launched its office there. Then, after a year you country-rotated to your current office in Brazil. Tell us about this experience. 


PV: Yes, In fact my last two years has been characterized by constant change. The project of opening a new office includes more challenges than you may imagine. Being part of it, enabled me to learn a lot and to feel my positive contribution to the company.

Off course I miss my Colombian colleagues, but I’m very happy with this change. Here in Brazil, the Market is very dynamic and presents a lot of challenges. We always have to think of the best way to face them. I’m very happy about working with this new team. They always try to be better every day, always pursing a common objective. The experience has been challenging and demonstrates the international characteristic of this company.


What has been the most challenging part of your relocation?

[quote_box_center]PV: Learning about the different features of this country and quickly reacting to new situations. In general, being out of my comfort zone, which is very interesting for me.[/quote_box_center]

What role have your colleagues and managers played in your professional development?

[quote_box_center]PV: They have been an essential part of this process. The first thing to mention is the knowledge they have transmitted to me. Then there’s the support and encouragement on the changes I’ve made.[/quote_box_center]

What do you like about Neomobile and what would you recommend to people who want to work in our company?

[quote_box_center]PV: What I really like about Neo are the people I had the opportunity to work with, the internationality and the dynamic way of working. I recommend reading carefully about the company and being prepared to enter in a very different, dynamic and specific sector of the industry.[/quote_box_center]