Respect In and Outside the Office


Given that Neomobile’s seven core values drive every single action within our company, we wanted to share why showing respect is a great value to have on both a personal and corporate level.

A few months ago we shared a blog post about Neomobile’s corporate value, passion as part of our Values Vitamins Series. This series is a focus on the corporate values that we regularly write about for our colleagues, on Neomobile’s Intranet as a source of inspiration in their everyday lives.  This time, we’re talking about R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

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Showing Respect on a Personal Level

In this great digital era, subjectivity seems to be dominating society and etiquette. The rules for living are nearly evanescent: we consider that their complete absence is damaging because people are not wild animals, and every human being must share their space and environment with others the best they can. Respect within the workplace starts at home



The ABCs of respect start by respecting other human beings. In the office, this means respecting both the person and their personal space. We hope that we don’t need to teach you that there must be zero tolerance for bullying at work (or anywhere actually). Furthermore, consider that a huge part of your respect for others can be seen on your social media activity: your colleagues, partners and bosses are probably online too, so be respectful and reasonable when posting or sharing content (in addiction, have you heard the term netiquette?).

Set Boundries

Sharing an office means having limited personal space, so try not to invade others’ privacy by taking supplies from a co-worker’s desk or nosing around. Bad habits like opening someone else’s mail or email (by the way, remember to lock your PC with an easy keyboard shortcut while you’re out!) need to be strongly avoided. For some teams, such as HR and finance, keeping personal and sensitive information secure is a main priority in order to maintain privacy in the workplace. Also, try to keep the volume down when making phone calls or holding meetings – however important they may be – because your voice (or noise in general) might be a disruption to others without you even realizing it. Adopt a mutual respect while in open spaces: use your common sense and work with your coworkers’ individual habits, work style and preferences.

Body Language

The way you think, behave and present yourself will affect how you are perceived by others, so be aware of your verbal communication. Don’t forget to consider your non-verbal actions: for example, the amount of distance between you and another person is interpreted in a certain way, or your facial expressions, like yawning or no eye contact, can be extremely meaningful. Non-verbal communication, especially body language, can send many strong messages.

The Golden Rule

The office life is a shared life, so taking care of common spaces should be a priority to anyone working in an office. The golden rule here is to leave everything as you would want to find it. This means clean up your mess in the kitchen and putting chairs in their place after a meeting. Above all, keep in mind that others who don’t know you well, including bosses, may learn a lot from what they see (no one likes to be around messy people!). It is also important to respect the material that the company provides you, whether it is for personal or common use. Think about how cost efficient you can be if you simply pay attention to your personal working instruments – you’ll cut costs and avoid wastefulness!

Neomobile comfort zone rules
Neomobile comfort zone rules



There are other factors that might be less measurable but nevertheless are at risk of respect, like ideas, policies, achievements, skills or time. Have you ever considered that someone might feel disrespected if you show up 10 minutes late for a meeting every time or if you miss your deadlines? These actions can affect other people’s work, and can negatively influence your job evaluation.

Respect From a Company’s Point of View

As Neomobile promotes, think out of the box and change perspective: what can your company do to act respectfully towards employees?

Fair pay

An important way for a company to show respect towards its employees should be the certainty of pay as a performance reward: an on-time guaranteed salary to employees is not taken for granted during the current global economic crisis, but it should be an important policy for a company because employees need to be properly recognized for their contribution. The benefits for companies who fairly compensate their employees are also meaningful. They include retention, better workers, and a build of trust. Neomobile has been awarded for its paid internships in Italy (Bollino OK stage by Repubblica degli Stagisti). In fact, the majority of our interns are offered a full-time job after they complete their 6 month internship. If you want to join Neomobile, have a look on our current open positions by clicking here.

Transparent communication

This is also a key element to demonstrate respect for people and their daily work – for example, in a quickly changing industry, you need a clear and effective communication method to inform your employees and manage all the ongoing changes. This is fundamental. Being transparent in your company pays in terms of mutual trust and loyalty.

Are you listening?

A good set of corporate ethics comes from being an active listener: if your company cares about your opinion (on both a business and personal level) it shows that the company respects you as an employee and as a person. Everyone’s attitude towards respect, including top management, can boost engagement indirectly. Furthermore, if your company uses tools like climate surveys, that means it wants to facilitate development, provide management with employee feedback (both positive and negative), and establish a mutual and active communication.

By the way, have you ever reflected on how culture can influence all of the points mentioned above? Every country has its own customs and, as an international company, Neomobile’s workforce is made up of many cultures and lifestyles that interact on a daily basis. That’s why we strongly believe in trust and respect in the workplace. We also believe that having cultural diversity in society and in the workplace has a very positive impact.

Sometimes it can also produce conflict or produce misinterpreted situations. In fact, our tone of voice and physical contact demonstrate how communication differs between cultures. Going beyond all these differences, is the challenge, and needs to be managed at all levels of the company. Don’t forget that the culture of respect creates a happier and more productive office.

In the end, make the world (both your workplace and social environment) a better place, and treat others the way you wish to be treated, recognizing the importance of diversity.

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