Neomobile changes look: values and people now have the color of success!


Who wouldn’t like to work in a dynamic, innovative, open to external solicitations and even able to anticipate them; a company that recognizes the importance of people, those who work within it and who create ideas and value and therefore is committed to choosing the best talents, to valorizing them, to rewarding them and to proposing them new challenges.

The culture of the Neomobile values

The values above have always been the heart and engine of Neomobile, as they are part of its culture since the foundation in 2007. And now the time has come to change look, to give prominence to these positive values that have allowed Neomobile to become in a few years leader in the mobile industry and being one of the 4 Italian companies in the technology sector that recorded the biggest growth rate over the past five years (according to the Deloitte classification).

The spectrum, the new Neomobile identity

The new brand identity of Neomobile now uses a color spectrum, associating to each value the most  closely related color.

Red is the passion for proper work in the industry of mobile and new technologies, but also the passion for competition, for personal achievement and innovation.

Gray, pure, clean and wise, is the respect for others within the multiethnic and global teams of Neomobile. It’s respect for customers and competitors, key steps to never underestimate the competition and maintain its leadership position in the industry.

Light green, the color of growth and hope, is associated with one of the keys to the success of Neomobile: continuous learning and improvement. Every day in Neomobile, endless opportunities for growth are created in a dynamic and challenging environment, dealing with colleagues and managers, in relationships with customers and with companies. That’s why in Neomobile we choose carefully the right resources able to grasp the solicitations to improve their skills and competences.

Individual performance is orange, a bright color that recalls inner balance and artistic creativity with which any person can and must make a difference in Neomobile, emerge and be the star of the company’s growth.

Dark green colors the will and persistence in achieving prefixed goals by taking responsibility for proper choices. Neomobile seeks dynamic and innovative people who take responsibility for their actions and the results achieved because it is on these that they will be evaluated and helped in order to realize them.

Blue is team spirit, communication through creativity and loyalty at all levels of management. The sharing of ideas and suggestions is essential to be effective and achieve goals together.

Finally, good management is purple, like the imagination and inspiration to high ideals. It is the responsibility of top management to create a working environment in which skillful talents are cared for and motivated to grow and express their full potential.

The challenge of Neomobile’s values

At any level, from intern to manager, the corporate culture in Neomobile puts people at the center of everything, because it is the human element, its character, its inclinations, its personality that make it the first value of a company.

Do you share the same values? Would you like to be part of theNeomobile Team? Watch the new video and accepts the challenge!